Anupam Roy will be in Town soon...

"চাকা ঘুরতে ঘুরতে আমেরিকা - চলল গাড়ি!"

This Year during the upcoming Durga Pujo and all through the Festive Season, Bengali's across USA, let the most popular singer/lyricist /composer of our times, Anupam Roy take u for a ride along with his band.  You get to shake, twist and shout as he tunes in and works you out!!

"যদি উড়ে যেতে চাও তবে গা ভাসিয়ে দাও,
দূরবীণে চোখ রাখবো না না না (না না না না না না না)।...."
Come ...experience his music up-close !!