Bibartan:The Evolution

If it were our purpose to say what is actually known about the evolution of human cognition,we would stop at the end of this sentence.But how would we,for the human mind in nothing less than an enigma-ever so inexplicable,ever more unpredictable.If two things shape up an adult mind are the past it runs from and the fate it finds its proximity in.Typical to the plethora of human psychology some of these minds find salvation only in an act that look whimsical and sound baseless to the exterior of his beings but has something to do with his past and everything to do with the fragment of dissatisfaction he has chased all his life like a tired yet thirsty hound.

This is the evolution.This is the evolution of Manish.This is the evolution of the brother who could not save his sister.This is the evolution of a father whose son failed to see thr the layers of materialism.