"No one used to look at me when Nusrat was around": Dev

Reporting by J.P. Mandal

Pics courtesy: Shree Venkatesh Films

Kolkata , August 30, 2016 (Washington Bangla Radio): Tollywood hunk Dev and w the very pretty Nusrat Jahan came together at a press meet to talk about their upcoming movie Love Express. Director Rajib Biswas along with actors Rudranil Ghosh and Kanchan Mallik were also present at the press meet. Scriptwriter N.K.Salil was also graced the press meet. The press meet also doubled up as the launch event for the song Dhitang Dhitang from the film.


Dev and Nusrat

Dev said during the press meet, “Love Express was quite a challenge for us. This is my first road movie and shooting along the road for so long is quite challenging. More over shooting on roads invite a huge number of enthusiastic crowd. We really had a tough time managing the crowd but often they would co-operate with us which enabled us to complete the shoot without any major problem. We had to shoot for 40 days on the stretch and every single day the shoot took place overnight. The sleepless condition made me insomniac for many days even after the shoot had finished.”


Nusrat, Dev, Rudranil and Kanchan dances to the song dhitang dhitang

“Most of those people is perhaps Nusrat’s fan. I am amazed to see she has such huge fan base all over the state. No one used to look at me when Nusrat was around. Inferiority complex gripped us when we saw Nusrat’s popularity.”said Dev,  taking a humorous dig at his onscreen love interest.

About his role in the film Dev said, “I play the role of Laal who faces the peril of getting ousted by his family. Anyone who commits 100 mistakes in his family is get ousted and Laal is standing on 99 mistakes. At this point he meets Nilasha but he has a train to catch otherwise he will commit the 100th mistake. My character is of a friendly and helpful guy who occasionally may turn aggressive and also overdo things. In real life I am almost like that and thus I can relate to the character so much.”

About his co-actors Kanchan Mallik and Rudranil, Dev said, “Both of them are fantastic actors and is dangerous as co-actors as they can steal all the attention towards them. If you have them as co-actors and your intensity of acting gets low for a fraction of second, they will make you look like a non-actor.”


Rudranil Ghosh

Dev and Nusrat also danced to the item song number Dhitang Dhitang while Rudranil and Kanchan also joined the act with their humorous version of the dance.