A Crave For A Crepe.


Bon Jour..Dimanche..!! Eureka!! Finally I have discovered some great savory crepes right in New Jersey which are very akin to the ones I have tasted on the streets of Paris. I have tried crepes in different parts of United States and in Canada, in Ottawa, Montreal and at Quebec city too, but everywhere they served sweet crepes and not the savory ones that I am so fond of. I have heard of Algerian street vendors selling lip-smacking food in Paris long before I visited the magical city. A street food enthusiast that I am, it was in my agenda to taste the food of these street vendors during my stay in Paris. On the very first day, soon after I alighted from the Seine river cruise, and heading towards the Eiffel Tower, I spotted these much heard about street vendors all lined up along the walkway from the Left Banks to the Eiffel Tower. Instantly I queued up ready to order my very first crepe. While waiting in line I watched the expert maneuvering of the hands with the batter spread out on a hot skillet quite like our very own "Dosa" back home. I grabbed my grub of crepe with its filling of ham and cheese handed out to me, hot and folded in a triangle. Eagerly I took my first bite and it tasted absolutely delightful. The unforgettable taste lingered on in my tongue all these years, as I never really got to taste anything close to it in the United States. However, this sunday morning as I ventured out for a hearty breakfast, all by chance, I came across this newly opened Crepe place in my area named "Crepe Celestes". I stopped at the sign while I had the Algerians of Paris and the little food shops in the Montmartre area serving those delicious crepes hovering in my mind. I took the challenge and made the plunge to order the savory crepes displayed at the counter. I ordered for one with ham and cheese over an easy egg. Apprehensive as I was of what the outcome of the order would be, I was very pleasantly surprised to be rewarded with some great to taste scrumptious crepes. They were definitely the closest that I could get to so far, to their Parisian counterparts here in this part of the continent. My cravings for savory crepes were fulfilled now. So ..Bon Appetit.. to all who wants to give it a try.