Tolly stars Parambrata and Mimi Chakrabarty kickstarts American-Mexican Food fest

Kolkata, September 13, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Tollywood stars Parambrata Chatterjee and Mimi Chakrabarty came together to kickstart the Mexifornia Festival at Café Mezzuana at its anniversary.

The food festival is a celebration of exotic American and Mexican cuisine at the eatery which will offer a wide array of exotic Nachos with salsa Sour cream, Mango and Tequilla Glazed prawn quesadillas,Burritos,Cheesy and Creamy veg stuff, corn Tortilla baked up to perfection, Bourboun styled Grilled Chicken with Pink pepper and many more interesting lip smacking dishes.

                                                Parambrata and Mimi Chakrabarty

At the food fiesta Pramabrata told WBRi: “I like food that is tasty and healthy, not very greasy. I like Mediterranean food. But the spicy food in this festival is very popular among people an occasional indulgence in such food is a treat to the taste buds.”

                                 Bourboun styled Grilled Chicken with Pink pepper

Parambarata a self-confessed food lover, when asked how he maintain diet during the festive season, he said, “There is no harm in indulging once a while but yes a continuous greasy diet is harmful for actors who need to keep in shape. But all the four days of Durga Puja is going to be my cheat day.”

                                                   Glazed prawn quesadillas

Parambrata who was recently seen as a master chef in a movie said that he is not a good cook at all in real life. “I cannot cook well but I can just manage enough for survival. If I find myself alone and no one to cook for me I can assure you that I would not starve. I have managed cooking for a long time when I was abroad so that I don’t miss Indian foods.” he said.

                                      Cheesy and Creamy veg stuff

When asked what would he like to cook for someone special he said, “I would not cook at all. If I do my date with someone special will be spoiled. I would rather order such dishes which can easily be consumed without much effort so that I can give more attention to my date.”
About his Puja plans Parambrata said, “I will stay here in Kolkata till nabami and may go outstation on nabami. I will do pandal hopping and catching up friends as usual.”
Café Mezzuna also has good music to offer as Band Mezzuna will be playing American –Mexican music at the restaurant during the festive season. The anniversary special meal for two comes at Rs 1000 plus taxes.

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal


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