Raj Chakrabarty captures his native village while Bonny borrows Raj's childhood nickname in PACT

Kolkata, September 08, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Parbo Na Ami Charte Toke, the upcoming Bengali Movie by Raj Chakrabarty will have Raj’s own village as its background while Bonny Sengupta, the protagonist of the film borrows Raj’s Nickname for his on screen character.
During the press conference of PACT which was recently held at Park hotel in Kolkata, Raj Chakrabarty told Washington Bangla Radio, “I had long cherished a desire to shoot in my native village Bhajanghat where I have spent my childhood. I really wanted to capture this beautiful village where there is a beautiful river, some picturesque lakes, small markets and scattered shops. I decided to shot the film in thios village not only because it’s my own village but also the story demanded such a landscape. The script demanded a rural background. This is a sweet love story in a village and everyone will wish that if they could have such a story in their real life.”

While WBRi asked if the movie is inspired from his own life experiences, Raj said, “No the story has no resemblance to my life. But I have used my experiences and observations of village life to build up the characters. Bonny, though plays the character of Shibu which was originally my nickname in my village, the story itself has no resemblance with my life.

                     Raj Chakrabrty, Bonny Sengupta,Koushani Mukherjee and Swastika Dutta having a fun moment

While asked how much transformation Bhajanghat’s Shibu has gone through on the way to be Raj Chakrabarty, the director said, “I have not changed much and is very much the person I used to be as Shibu of the village. Just my thought processed have changed in this journey. Otherwise I am very much the same person.”

                                    Koushani and Bonny

On releasing the movie on 11th September (infamous 9/11), the day twin towers World Trade Center fell, Raj Said, “ I know the film is releasing on a landmark day which is not remember for good reasons. But I am sure that I will be able to make the date a bit positive for my cast, crew and audience with this movie.”

Bonny who debuted in Borbaad under the same director, said, “It was journey of learning from Borbaad to Parbo Na Ami charte Toke. I have learned a lot from Raj da in all the three movies I have been associated with him. I have assisted him in Yoddha and acted in the other two movies. I have learned lot in the past couple of years which I am sure will make me a better performer in the coming days.”
About the character he plays, Bonny told WBRi, “ I play the role Shibu who is a kind of tapori in the village. He is a great flirt and changes his colour like a chameleon now and then. He likes to tease people and irritate them. Amidst all of these he falls in love with the giorl he used to tease most but by then it was too late.”
“Though I have borrowed Raj da’s nickname my character does not reflects his younger days as he was nowhere near to this taporigiri or flirty nature”, Bonny was quick to add.

About how he got into the skin of Shibu, Bonny said, “It was really tough to get into the skin of Shibu as the character is completely different from what I am in real life. And the background of Shibu is from village while I have spent my whole life in a city like Kolkata. I reached Bhajanghat three days before the shoot commenced and observed the people there and tried to imbibe how they talk, greet and even fight. I also tried to pick what kind of language and accent they use and how different is their body language.”

                                   Koushani in a selfie spree

Koushani Mukherjee who debuts with this film shared with WBRi how she bagged the role. “I was actually preparing for government jobs while I participated in a beauty contest. I won it and hoardings bearing my picture were all over the city. Thus I got noticed and was called for audition for a role. Though that movie did not happen but I was later called for this film and got selected.”she said.
While WBRi asked him how different the coming festival season is going to be different this time after her debut, Koushani said, “Yes it will be quite different from the previous years. People are now recognising me and they will do so more once the movie is released. So roaming freely around and pandal hopping like previous years may be a bit of problem this time but still this is rather a special feeling than problem. But I am a pure Bengali girl and will go out and have fun, whatever it may be.”
Another debutant Swastika Dutta was also present at the event and shared how she got selected for the role, “I worked with a fashion platform named FFACE which had Raj Chakrabarty as one of the mentor. So he noticed me there and decided to cast me in this movie.”
About her character she said, “I do the role of a nagging girl who fall in love with Shibu but later learns that Shibu actually loves Aparna, not me.”