Indrani Hlader makes a comeback with Goyenda Ginni

Kolkata, September, 07, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): After 7 long years Indrani halder ,who is fondly called Mamoni di returns with Zee Bangla’s latest venture “Goyenda ginni”. Recently the announcement press conference of the show was held at Mukti Banquet in Kolkata in the presence of Indrani Halder along with her costar Saheb Chatterjee and Indrajit Bose. Also present at the event was director Anupam Hari.
Indrani Halder plays the protagonist Parama Mitra in Goyenda Ginni who solves one mystery after another in the seat the same time balancing her duty as homemaker. On the occasion Indrani told WBRi, , “After a long time I have came back to Televsion with this daily soap. My only reason to stay in Kolkata is this this detective show .Not only women,men will watch this serial for sure.”

The very handsome Saheb Chatterjee plays Parimal Mitra,husband of Parama. He plays a very supportive husband in this serial .Indrajit Bose plays Arup, Parama’s brother-in-law who is a police officer. It is him who often look upto Parama in solving many cases.  Indrajit who was seen sporting a moustache, “Told us that the character of him has authority which I did not have in Rashi. My role her is much more action oriented. I am excited abt the role and is hoping that the audience will like me in this new avatar.”

                            Indrajit,Indrani Halder and Shaheb Chatterjee

The story celebrates the unveiling of brilliance and practical intelligence that a woman embodies. The plot of the serial is as follows:
Goyenda Ginni is the unique story of Mrs. Paroma Mitra, wife of Dr. Parimal Mitra, eldest daughter in law and the keeper of the Mitra household. Since her marriage at the tender age of 18, Paroma’s mother in law had given her the entire responsibility of her huge family and she has been living with this identity. She has not only raised her husband’s brothers and sisters like a mother would but also been the guiding force in deciding their future and their marriages.
Today is the marriage of her sister in law. The house is bustling with friends and relatives. Poroma is running from one place to another to overview the function and is seen handling all responsibilities single handedly, while the entire household including her husband are on a holiday mode.

                                         Indrani Halder

At this juncture a very expensive piece of jewellery disappears from the house, the whole family starts assuming that someone has stolen the ornament but Paroma refuses to agree, later she finds out the mystery behind the disappearance of the ornament. Thus, the family is relieved after retrieving the ornament , everyone in the family appreciates Paroma’s effort. But Arup, her brother in law is a cop looks at it from a different perspective , and  gets fascinated to hear Paroma’s analysis.

That very evening while everyone is busy with the marriage ceremony Arup drags Paroma to a corner. He salutes her intelligence. Arup appeals to Paroma to help him in resolving every case. Paroma is in disbelief. She is the eldest daughter in law of the family and has been living that life for ages. How can she help Arup in solving criminal cases? Moreover, Paroma has promised her mother in law that her family will always be her priority. Arup convinces Paroma saying that she has been keeping her family well with ten hands like the ‘dashabhuja’ Durga, and would never fail as the lady of the house if she starts using her intelligence in solving cases for a change.  

Paroma an avid reader of detective novels which her daughter gets from school library remains in a state of dilemma. Arup conclusion that Paroma has the inherent qualities to be a detective fails to convince her that she is born with the qualities to become a detective. Something from her past knocks , she remembers that when she was young her grandfather always appreciated her intelligence but regretted that it would be wasted as she would eventually become a housewife. Young Paroma had then protested saying that a housewife needs intelligence to keep a good family too.

Arup hits the bull’s eye finally trapping Paroma to take up the job for the sake of her husband.

Paroma agrees to help Arup in resolving his cases but secretly. No one in the family or outside is to know about her plight in helping Arup.

Paroma begins to solve complicated cases with Arup. She starts living a dual life juggling between the responsibilities of a housewife and that of an intelligent crime investigator.

In the beginning no one suspects Paroma but soon Arup’s sister starts doubting. She often finds Paroma-Arup secretively interacting with each other.

Will this misconception destroy Paroma’s relationship with her husband? Will Poroma fail as a keeper of the family in becoming a crime buster?  

The answers will surface from 7th September as the show commences on Zee bangla

Reporting By Arundhati Das

Photo: Biswajit Saha