Music Fraternities comes together to launch 'Cafe kazi',an album on Nazrul islam Songs

Kolkata , September 06, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Top Music Fraternities from Kolkata like Kabir Suman , Joy Sarkar,  Lopamudra Mitra ,Sakuntala Barua and Jojo came together to launch ‘Café kazi’  the debut Album of Sahaoli P Mukherjee.  Also present at the event was the entire band member of Cactus.

The album which has been produced by Sidhu, comprises of seven songs (Parodeshi Megh, Srijon chonde, Dur Dwipbashini, Gaange Jowar, Anjali Lawho Mor , Nache irani Meye and Mone Pore Aaj) which had been designed in very contemporary style without harming the authenticity of them.

                                              Launch of Cafe Kazi

About the album which s released on the 39th death anniversary of the legendary rebellious poet , Shaoli said, “This is my first album to be launched, I wanted to present the audience something new yet with which they could connect to. So I decided to work on the songs of Nazrul and design them in an innovative way.”

                                                          Sidhu, Shaoli and Kabir Suman

                                                                               Anidnita Kazi and Jojo

The music of the album has been arranged by Kaushik Chakrabarty , Gourab Chatterjee and Sanjoy Das.  Priced at Rs 150 The album is available on all leading music stores

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal


Photo: Biswajit Saha