Eminent Personalities comes together to discuss the aesthetic culture of India

Eminent personalities like Dancer and social worker Alokananda Roy, Pianist Rajlakshmi Syam, Hindi Poet Arun Kamal, Sunanda Mukherjee, Honourable chairperson of West Bengal Women Commission and Dr Basab Chaudhuri, Registrar of Calcutta University came together as Sodepur Solidarity Society has taken initiative to redefine the concept of the beauty and to highlight the aesthetic culture of India through a Ministry of Culture sponsored programme.

On the occasion Poet Arun Kamal said, “We only notice the beauty of women only when it is packaged with cosmetics and is highlighted with gorgeous and exposing garments but never look through for the inner beauty of a woman.” He also quoted a line from one of the poems by Word Poet Rabindranath Tagore which says, ‘We want to seek beauty in the mountains and seas but never seldom find beauties hidden in the dew drops which gets accumulated on corn tips.’

 aesthetic culture

Dr Basab Chauduri said, “It has been a tradition for ages to dominate women. We always put forward Men before women. Women can do everything a man can but still is dominated in this society. It is time to change this attitude and then only we can see all the inner beauties of a woman in all their manifestation.”

 aesthetic culture

Sunanda Mukherjee said, “From ages Women had been perceived as reproductive vessels only. They have been assigned only to homely duties, i.e. to cook and rise up children. So the many talents they possessed remained far from being nurtured. We need to learn how to seek the real beauty in women.”

 aesthetic culture

Rajlakshmi Syam, pointed out that the market trend is also making women demand to flaunt superficial beauties more than inner beauty and talent. “Often women come to me and say that they want a backless dress which was worn by Deepika Padukone in a particular movie or a short skirt worn by Priyanka Chopra in an award ceremony. It’s also up to women what they want to portray, their inner beauty or superficial one.”

Alokanananda Roy shared a few experiences with her stint with the jail inmates and said that humans never lose it beauty. It is always there inside, waiting to be bloomed. It just needs the right approach and acceptance to be perceived.” The event also included a digital presentation on the concept of beauty and market hegemony. Conceptualised by Rakhi Roy Halder, the presentations was quite informative and interesting. The event concluded with the staging of famous dance drama ‘Shakuntala’ by Kalidas which was choreographed by Nilanjana Sarkar.