A mid summer night’s dream.


It’s all about keeping in shape these days. In no time I too have been bitten by this fitness bug.  Scurrying through labels in a hurry over the calorie math in a grocery store while adjusting my progressive glasses is a spectacle by itself.  At home, in a restaurant or even at a friend’s place I can’t remember the last time I had gorged down on food guilt free. Everyone in my vicinity keeps talking of health food, organic food and whole wheat food. Feeding myself on a diet of vegetables, fruits and fat-free yoghurt for days left me totally disgusted. Ignorance is such a bliss and I wish I had some of it on this food issue. Envying  some of my co workers at the cafeteria has become a ritual for me. I salivate as they gladly wolf down a super sized burger in no time and crunch  on those crispy fries as they relish recounting on  another happy meal at a steak house. Finally on a mid summer night I woke up to my dream. I decided to break myself free from the shackles of abstinence. Enough of my sombre composure, I need to give in to my urge to splurge! The R U Hungry Grease Trucks in the college campus of New Brunswick have always fascinated me. It is the  coolest hangout spot for the young  hungry and the care-free. That is exactly what I want to be. Now that I could break free from my calorie inhibitions .The greasy smell  in the air from a distance was inviting enough. The huge parking lot is turned to one big open air restaurant. The  chirpy youthful crowd is more than happy to pick up their grub here without a pinch in their pockets and conscience. A walk past this group of truck based food vendors in the dead of night is a gastronomical delight. With choices galore one is spoilt to ingurgitate. All those fat sandwiches and meaty burgers in my dreams  have come alive here. Their catchy names like Fat Cat, Fat Sam, Fat Darryll are the true show stoppers. It’s all you could  dream to stuff in your sandwich. Cheese, chicken fingers, French-fries, mozzarella sticks, gyro meat, falafel, bacon ,veggies and all you could think of in one big sub roll. The most popular one is the Fat Daryll, named after one Daryll who did not have enough money to eat three different kind of sandwiches. So he talked the vendor to make this unique sandwich with all the ingredients he wished for as a filling, inventing this bombshell of a burger on earth! Hey—long live the young and the hungry!
Food Source: R U Hungry Grease Trucks.
Location: Rutgers University, College Ave Campus, New Brunswick. New Jersey.