Kashika’s Pampered Paws opens a Pet Crèche with Boarding and Lodging

Kolkata, September 06,2014: Durga Puja is here… planning to go out?? But those who owns a pet is always worried about where to leave their lovable pet and who will look after them as it is difficult to travel with them.To solve the problem Pampered Paws announces the launch of its Pet Crèche. On the second anniversary of Pampered Paw, it announced that the pet crèche is ready with the service of Boarding and Lodging for pets. The 42/161 New Ballygunge Road, Kolkata-700 042, Lane Beside New Kasba Police Station.

Speaking on the occasion Kashika Arora, owner of Kashika’s Pampered Paws said, “People avoid getting pets thinking where to leave their pest when they are out … so we are ready to help out them by keeping their pets in our crèche with a reasonable price like for cats Rs. 300 per day, bird Rs. 250 per day and for dog it is Rs. 350, 450, 550 per day. We also do half day or few hours of creching that if you are out for a movie or dinner your pet can stay with us. We also help the office goers to leave the pet everyday with us. We are the only pet management company in Kolkata from getting a pet to maintain, trained and also advising proper food for it.”


She also said, "Kashika’s Pampered Paws Pet Crèche has many wow factors like daily vets availability, pre checkup before admission, post checkup on the day of release, daily brushing and take care about the ticks, fleas, facility of Spa and basic grooming during the stay with an extra cost . Diseased pets will be kept in a separate room… so that they don’t contaminate others, pets will be provided food by owners choice. The Pet’s room is completely air conditioned and if a pet stays more than a week then free Doctor checkup up will be provided and Skype facility will be available that so you can see your pet anytime.

Kashika’s Pampered Paws is a pet management company dedicated to making our four legged best friends happy. When the rest of the country is catching up to the idea of pet grooming and happy pets, Kolkata seemed to be behind, lacking in proper hygienic treatment for pets. It has pet saloon which helps to take all precautionary measures to be taken for your pet to stay healthy, aroma therapy bath, anti hair fall treatment, anti tick treatment, complete pet hygiene, haircuts, birthday makeovers, pet clinic and also pet grooming session held. A pet shop with all pet accessories, food medicines etc. We also have a crèche for the pets whose parents might be going out for some days and a lot more. " A few Celeb Clientele of Kashika are Famous Bengali actress Mimi Chakraborty’s dog Chikoo, Model Antasheela’s Rio (Lab), Actress Rimjhim’s dog (Golden Retriever), Deep Ghosh's dog Noah (Boxer), Sambhit Chatterjee’s dog (Lab) etc and even The CEO of Bengal Tennis Club, Mr. Ghosh’s dog Benji are of Kashika’s regular client.