Actress Locket Chatterjee inaugurates beauty salon BOB’S; New style junction for Durga Puja

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

kolkata hair studio

Kolkata, September 28 (Washington Bangla Radio): “Pollution is taking a toll on the skin and hair of the people. Hence it is very important that one must take ample care of the skin and hair to protect it from further damage” said Bengali film actress Locket Chatterjee. The actress was present for the inaugural ceremony of Bob’s, which is a family hair and beauty salon. The salon is also recognized by the Government.

Bob’s is one of the newest high end luxury beauty salons in the city claiming that the customers will be treated with peace and tranquility in the salon. There will be no outside disturbance. According to them it is going to be the ideal destination for hair styling and for undergoing all the other skin treatments. The services include removing of pigmentation, de-tanning facilities, facials, aromatherapy, waxing, pedicure, manicure, keratin treatment, permanent hair straightening, scalp treatment, removing of freckles and many more.

Speaking on the occasion, Suvadeep Saha (Bob) said “The USP of the beauty salon is the installation of the color bar where easy accessibility is there for the hair stylist to work and perform more efficiently. Our main focus is on hair treatments of all kinds. The experienced staff that we have in the salon will cater to the needs of the customers efficiently. We always look for advanced treatments and therapies for solving the various hair and skin problems. The pedicure and manicure services include a spa and imported products are used for the treatments”

tollywood actress locket

In a light green sari, Locket Chatterjee looked stunningly pretty. Hardly anyone could miss her floral designed earrings in a green shade that matched well with her sari. The actress who has a long association with Bob got her hair blow dried at the salon. While her hair was being taken care of by Bob the actress spoke to WBRI correspondent about her upcoming films and her Durga Puja plans. “My latest film Nayika Sangbad is slated for release and I am also reading a few scripts. During the Pujas, I will be opting for the traditional look. Handloom saris are my choice of dress this Puja and so I have picked up a few Dhakai’s and Baluchoris for the Pujas.  I have a few Puja assignments to do and I will be going around the city on the four days of the Puja” said Locket. Maintaining proper hygiene is very important, feels the actress. “I make it a point to use a mild shampoo and oil my hair. The lights at the studio and the pollution all take a toll on my hair. Hence I put oil in my hair overnight and then wash it the next day. This helps in restoring the shine in my hair and also keeps the hair in a good condition” added the actress.

It was also let known that discounts ranging from ten to twenty percent will be given to the customers who will be coming to the salon for any beauty treatment.