Bollywood Hindi Movie Review 'Raqt'; A good Thriller which strongly deserves a word of mouth

bollywood hindi film raqt

Mumbai, September 27 (Washington Bangla Radio): Raqt (Means Blood) Ek Rishta can be easily touted as yet another example of a good film made honestly which goes unnoticed due to the lack of Publicity and Promotions. Let me tell you that Raqt is a decent made Thriller which keeps you sit tight till the final reels.

The film revolves around Sonia (Sweta Bharadwaj) and Suhani (Sheena shahabadi), the film is about the fatal obsession of an adopted daughter for her mother’s affection. Sonia is a single mother who adopts her sister’s daughter when her sister and brother-in-law die in an accident due to her carelessness. Sonia, along with her maid Maria (Farida Jalal) pampers Suhani to not let her miss her parents. This has an opposite effect with Suhani developing an obsessive relationship with her. She will let nothing come between her and her mother.

Unaware of her child’s problem, Sonia becomes a career-woman not focusing on her personal life beyond Suhani. She becomes a successful heroine. One day, Suhani sees Sonia and a friend arguing. She kills him, and Sonia takes the blame and is jailed for seven years.

Performance wise the film belongs entirely to Sheena Shahabadi. Yes, Sheena is the same actress who debuted with Satish Kaushik's long forgotten Terre Sang which talked about teen pregnancy. In Raqt, Sheena comes in a different avatar and fits the role. Sweta Bharadwaj is good along with Farida Jalal and other cast. Gulshan Grover plays Psychiatrist and he does full justice to his part.

The film is directed by Adi Irani and Shiva Ridnani who were earlier Actors and served Bollywood with some good and remembered performances in past. This time they decided to make a film which is Honest and Decent at the same time. The film offers lots of twist and turns in the second half, especially when Sonia is imprisoned. The songs in the film however looked unwanted, But the Background Score gels with the film. The Cinematography and Production Values are good and looked with a restrained budget. The Editing is little weak and was a drag at few points.

On a frank note as I mentioned earlier, such good films fail to create an impact and that is only because of lack of valuable promotions. Raqt is a good Thriller which strongly deserves a word of mouth.

Cast: Sheena Shahabadi, Shweta Bharadwaj, Gulshan Grover, Arjun Mahajan, Shakti Kapoor, Farida Jalal, Suhani, Suresh Menon

Directed by: Adi Irani & Shiva Rindan

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