Audio Music album of Moonmita Aar Shudhu Prem launched by ace Tollywood singer Raghab Chatterjee

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

new audio music album

Kolkata September 27 (Washington Bangla Radio):  The music album launch of “Moonmita aar shudhu prem” recently took place at the Calcutta Sports Journalists Club. Raghab Chatterjee, Upal Sengupta (of Chandrabindoo fame), Barun Nandi (GM, Sagarika Music) were present to grace the occasion.

Moonmita Ghosh was born in a musically inclined family. She took her first music lessons at the tender age of four from her mother, Late Krishna Ghosh. She then received musical training from Sri Sukumar Mitra in light music and Sri Ramkrishna Basu in Hindustani Classical music. She is also a trained classical music singer since 1998. The singer is the recipient of awards like “Spandana Super Singer USA title 2010 in light music category” and many more. She has also worked in a fusion music album “Wood Dragon” with famous Harp guitarist Jeff Titus.

Moonmita Ghosh’s debut album “Moonmita aar sudhu prem” is an album showcasing the various sides of love. There are eight love songs in the album, which celebrates the various aspects of love. “Love is a wonderful feeling. In this album I have tried to capture the various sides of this wonderful feeling. “Tor daake swapno jaage”, “Tomake sudhu tomake”, “Icchepakhi” or “e jeerno jibon” all showcase shades of love” said the singer. When asked about the meaning of her name, the singer said “I was born on a full moon night and hence my father gave me this name. It actually means friend of the moon. I guess this may be the reason why I am such a romantic person by heart. This romanticism is what drove me to come out with this album of love songs”. The album was conceptualized in the month of September the previous year. It took Moonmita and Raghab nealy a year to come out with this album on love songs.

new audio music album

Eminent singer Raghab Chatterjee who has done the music for this album was full of praises for the singer. “Moonmita has dedication and patience. I am not a good teacher but whatever I have taught her, she has grasped it very easily. It is indeed a pleasure to work with her on her debut album. The love songs are all melodious. Some have a western feel to it while some have the traditional feel of the Bengali love songs. This album will be a treat for the ears of the audience” said Raghab. The singer also urged people to buy original CDs so that one can overcome the precarious situation that the music industry is facing due to piracy.

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Upal Sengupta however differed from Raghab. He believed that the situation is not precarious. “We just need to take some steps to stop piracy. Otherwise I feel we have now a better reach to the audience. The downloading must be made chargeable. This will enable the music companies to earn money and also ensure better reach to the people”.

Moonmita aar shudhu prem celebrates love. The songs are melodious and as listeners you will surely fall in love with them.