Uttam Rotno and Uttam Lekhoni awards 2013; Saswata Chatterjee graces the occasion

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN


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Kolkata, September 26 (Washington Bangla Radio): “An actor who has not acted in a single film for the past thirty three years still continues to live on in the hearts and the minds of the Bengali audience. This is the charm of Uttam Kumar. The actor does not need any statue created for him or any place to be named after him to remain immortal. What he has achieved through his acting has created enough reason to remember him. He resides in the hearts of the audience and will do so forever.” said eminent actor Saswata Chatterjee at the Uttam Ratna and Uttam Lekhoni awards 2013 organized by Jhumur Kala Sangam. The award ceremony took place at Press Club. The other eminent personalities present at the occasion were Bonosree Sengupta, Paran Bandopadhyay, Papia Adhikari, Bratati Bandopadhyay, Purnima Ghosh and Dhrubo Basu.

Jhumur Kala Sangam has been organizing events on the birthday and the death day of the actor Uttam Kumar every year. They started this initiative from the year 2001. Samir Bhattacharya of Jhumur Kala Sangam said “The idea behind organizing all these events is to make the new generation and also the coming generations aware of the contributions of the actor. What he did for the Bengali film industry is unparalleled. Many of his films are not kept in proper condition. We at Jhumur Kala Sangam have been appealing to the state government to take the necessary steps for the preserving of the films by Uttam Kumar”.

Jhumur Kala Sangam has been awarding succesful individuals who are involved in professions like acting, business, journalism, theatre and so on. Over the years many eminent personalties like Satabdi Ray, Papia Adhikari, Haimanti Shukla, Chaitali Dasgupta, Nirmala Misra and many more have been awarded by the institution. The eminent personalities who were on the list of the recipients in the year 2012 are Paran Bandopadhyay, Saswata Chatterjee, Bratati Bandopadhyay, Bonosree Sengupta, Aparajita Adda, Sumitra Sen, Purnima Ghosh, Biplab Kumar Ghosh, Kingshuk Roy, Sweety Mishra, Bela Sadhuka and Krishna Majumdar.

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Papia Adhikari who is associated with this institution since its inception highlighted on the two wishes of Jhumur Kala Sangam. The first wish is to try and get the national poet status for Rabindranath Tagore and the second is to get the National actor status for Uttam Kumar.

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Paran Bandopadhyay said “One must not observe the death day of the actor because he is immortal. Only his birthday must be celebrated. I feel that god had the desire to act and hence he created Uttam Kumar. He is an actor par excellence. His films will be like a guide for the coming gnerations”.

Eminent singer Bonosree Sengupta paid her tribute to the actor by singing a few lines of a song from one of his popular films “Jibon khatar proti patai, jotoi lekho hisab nikash”. Her melodious voice enthralled the assembled audience at the Press Club.