Bikram Ghosh at new Audio Music album launch of “The sound of the three” by Rishi Kumar Chatterjee

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

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Kolkata, September 25 (Washington Bangla Radio): The use of the tabla has quite significance in the history of Indian music. The use of the musical instruments like Pakhawj and Sreekhol dates back to several centuries. This playing of the tabla has been a great tradition of the Chattopadhyay family. They have exerted tremendous influence upon the musical scene for three generations now.

Rishi Kumar Chatterjee, the third generation of the illustrious Chatterjee family launched his debut musical album “Sound of the Three” at Press Club in the presence of ace percussionist Bikram Ghosh and other eminent personalities and the gathered media. Present at the launch of this music album was Sumit Roy (Uncle of Rishi Kumar Chatterjee), Somnath Roy, Pandit Kumar Bose, Debojyoti Bose, Sree Kumar Chattopadhyay and Bikram Ghosh.

Speaking with WBRI correspondent, Rishi Kumar Chatterjee highlighted on some important aspects of the album. “The name of the album has been given Sound of the Three to highlight the three generations of my family-my late grandfather Ram Kumar Chattopadhyay, my father Sree Kumar Chattopadhyay and me” said Rishi Kumar Chatterjee. Rishi Chatterjee was also part of Bikram Ghosh’s Rhythmscape and hence he has great experience of playing instruments like Khanjira, Bangla Dhol, Keyboard and many other musical instruments. “In this album, there are six tracks-Om, Chaitanya, Purnima, Krishna, Sangam and Rudra. A variety of instruments have been used like Daf, Stick Daf, Khanjira, Darbuka,Srikhol and others. The music quality of the album is therefore very high. I have also recorded the background vocal in the album. Somnath Roy have played the Cajon, Ghatam, Ektara Murchang, Manjira, Jhanj, Kansor, Daf in this album” sadded Rishi. Rishi Chatterjee is treating this album as part one and he wishes to bring out a second part of this album.

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Eminent tabla player Bikram Ghosh said “First of all my heartiest congratulations to Rishi for his debut solo album. Though he had to wait for a long time, he finally did achieve what he wanted to do. The best thing about this album is it spans the three generations. His father and grandfather are singers. He is not one. This makes the CD interesting. I will also like to take this opportunity to tell that Somnath also deserves praise. No Bengali has yet dared to learn Ghatam. He did that and I have a great respect for him”.

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Pandit Kumar Bose of Banaras Gharana who trained Rishi was one proud teacher. “I am really honored to come to this event. It gives me immense pleasure to see my student finally releasing his solo CD. He plays really well. I wish him all the luck fo his future” said Pandit Kumar Bose.

Rishi’s uncle Sumit Roy felt that music in his genes. His mother played great piano and his father and grandfather are great stalwarts of music. Hence Rishi would enter the musical scenario is nothing uncommon.

The Sound of the Three is a unique musical album using various musical instruments. This will surely keep the listeners mesmerized.

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