Tollywood actress Mumtaz Sorcar at the grand launch of Nivedita Basu’s book “Me and that Extra N”

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

poster tollywood actress mumtaz sorcar

Kolkata, September 25 (Washington Bangla Radio): “I am part of this grand book launch of Nivedita Basu’s ’Me and that extra N’ because I found the concept and the name appealing. We want the best of every relationship and a happily ever after. But that does not actually happen. I have had a string of bad experiences and I can say a hundred things on why one must never date a guy” said actress Mumtaz Socar at Crossword of Elgin Road. The actress came for the books launch of Nivedita Basu’s debut novel “Me and that Extra N”.

The actress looked sexy and hot in her high waist red pants which she teamed up with a three quarter floral printed shirt. Her red lips, open tresses and the nude colored high heels all made her look dazzling. The highlight of her look was the multiple strings of pearls which she had wound around her neck. The actress who is busy shooting for Sesh Anker Khela felt that work for her is what she enjoys doing the most. Even if the actress is working the whole day, she enjoys it. “Keeping myself busy is something I like very much. I would not say I am working but rather I enjoy myself. On days when I am not working I try and do things to keep myself active. I am an entertainer and I like entertaining people” said the actress. The actress belongs to the world renowned Illusionist family of magicians and is the heiress to Prafulla Chandra Sorcar, who started P. C. Sorcar was asked the question why she chose to go into films and into magic. “Well, films and magic is not different. They are similar. My father when he does live shows has to be credible in his acting so much that the audience believes in him. Likewise when I am acting in the various roles, I have to enact in such a way so that the audience believes in my acting. Hence this is like creating magic with my acting in front of the camera” said the actress. The actress who will be going outdoors for her shooting will read this book during this time. 

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Nivedita Basu, the author of the book looked pretty in a pink and blue combination dress. The lady who had wished to study English Honors in her graduation ultimately studied Physics and is presently pursuing a PHD in the subject from Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore. “The book is about Netra who narrates her life though the entries in the dairy that she made right from when she was a teenager. Almost all the entries have a note at the end. The book is about the journey of a girl though her growing up years and how she deals with men. Hence the name of the book is “Me and that extra N”. the book is only one hundred and fifty pages. Hence I will not reveal much about the book and request people to buy and read it” said Nivedita Basu. The author is a self declared book worm. She next plans to write a book which will be a collection of short stories on the atrocities occurring to women in India. “I have always wanted to write. I did not write any sci-fi story as that will have a niche audience. I want to reach out to the masses and hence I wrote a very normal story” added the author.

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Me and That Extra N sound promising and are available at all leading book stores. Priced at one hundred and twenty nine rupees, this makes for good light reads for the people.