Tollywood veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee acts as reader in program to mark the death anniversary of Kazi Nazrul Islam

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

kolkata veteran actor soumitro chatterjee

Kolkata, September 24 (Washington Bangla Radio): Dadasaheb Falke award winner Soumitra Chatterjee recently acted as the reader in a cultural programme dedicated to the death anniversary of the great poet Kazi Nazrul Islam “Bulbul Kande Ghazal Gaane” is a program conceptualized by Somerita Mallik on the eve of the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s thirty seventh death anniversary. The program was conceptualized so as to pay tribute to the Rebel Poet. The program was organized with the support of Chhayanat and was held at ICCR. The poet, musician, revolutionary whose works were a spiritual way of rebelling against oppression is also the national poet of Bangladesh.

Dressed in a black Anarkali, the singer looked quite smart. Her gold dangling earrings complimented well with her dress. In a conversation with WBRI correspondent, she highlighted on the important factors in the program. ‘The main aim of this program is to highlight on the aspect that apart from a good poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam also paved the way for the beginning of the Ghazal tradition in Bengal. His Ghazal kept in line with the tradition yet infused a Bengali touch to them. This is not known by most people in Bengal. To highlight on this aspect, the program has been conceptualized. This will enable people to understand on the various other aspects of the poet’s creative abilities” said the singer. The singer was also anxious as she will be sharing stage with the legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee. “I hope I can perform well. I am already having goose bumps” said the singer.

kolkata veteran actor soumitro chatterjee

In a white Punjabi and white pants, Soumitra Chatterjee looked tranquil and serene. The actor whose latest film Rupkotha Noy is running in the theatres successfully took time out from his busy schedule to grace the occasion. “I was contacted by Somerita with the script. The uniqueness of the script and the presentation technique impressed me. It is then that I decided that I will be going to this program and doing my part. There are many facets to the poet which not much people know of. This program will open up new areas of research on the work of the poet. This is indeed a great initiative that Chayanata and Somerita have taken” said the actor.

bengali nazrul songs

Somerita performed a number of ghazals written by Nazrul Islam. Some of the songs which she performed are “asi bosonto phulo boni”, “bagichai bulbuli”, “bakul chapar bone” and many more. Coupled with her songs, the readings by Soumitra Chatterjee made the event a memorable event for the assembled media and the guests. Somerita was accompanied in her singing by Asish Pal on table, Roshan Ali Khan on sarengi, Sanatan Goswami on harmonium and Sibabrata Dey on percussion.

The content of the nearly two hours programme will be available in the form of a CD from Bihaan music in the future. This will enable all those people who could not attend the program or who would love to keep the CD as a collector’s item for enhancing their music library.