Kumar Sanu launches New Audio Music Album Kalo Pokhiraaj; A deadly combination of Indian classical and Rock music

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN


new audio music album

Kolkata, September 24 (Washington Bangla Radio): Popular Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu launched the music album titled “Kalo Pokhiraaj” by the band Dark Pegasus. Apart from Kumar Sanu, the other esteemed guests who graced the occasion were music director Gaurab Chatterjee, Arupa Lahiri, Mainak Nag Chowdhury and the band members of Cactus.

“The band Dark Pegasus started on the 11th February 2011. The band after two and a half years is releasing their first album in the form of Kalo Pokhiraaj. The album has eight songs- Aartonad, Sree, Lalon, Kolkata, Protibondi, Kitnashok, Cyclone and Mrityu. The striking feature of our band is that we have mixed the features of Indian classical music with that of rock music. This musical blend has not been attempted by any other band earlier in the city. The songs are not only reflections of the society but also speak about individuals. For example, the song Kolkata is to show our love for our city” said Jibak. The band consists of six members- Jibak Tamal, Prateik, Tamal, Ribhu and Ayan. The band members are from diverse educational backgrounds. One of them is a software engineer while the other is studying Masters in Computer Applications. It is their love and passion for music which makes them to take out time for their band. The band members plan to bring out their next album soon and they will also be focusing on doing more stage shows.

When he utters the words “Jomiye dili gaan e gaan e”, many a contestants feel that they have won a huge accolade for their singing from Kumar Sanu in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs. The singer who has been mesmerizing the audience with his singing talent for many years advised the band member of Dark Pegasus to practice regularly and try and bring out their next album at the earliest. He also wished them all the very best for their endeavors. The singer is presently busy with his judging responsibility in the reality show and also his singing assignments. The singer has completed singing for a film “Ki pelam r ki haralam”. He sang a song titled “Toma Naam e” in this film. “The reason why I am doing selective work is because I am now in a position to choose my work. I will not do any work that is been offered to me” said Kumar Sanu. The singer who has been associated with Rooh Music for the release of one of his earlier music albums wished the music company his heartiest congratulations.

Gaurab Chatterjee or better known as Gabu in the music circle was also present at the music launch ceremony. The music director has been working in the recently released film Swabhoomi. “The experience of composing and arranging music for the film has been great” said Gaurab Chatterjee.

 We wish the band Dark Pegasus live up to its name and soar high in the world of music.