Watch Trailer of New Short Film By Satyam Deb Roy 'Chitro Bichitro', A tale of Lost Relationships (WBRi Exclusive)



Chitro Bichitro is about a lost relationship. The film starts with the performance of a Nationwide famous Indian Dancer. The program also filled up by a Poet who writes and recites during his leisure time but not professionally. The Dancer got stuck inside the auditorium due to political clashes outside. During that tensed situation, the Poet offers her to stay safely in his house till the situation gets cold. After several disagreements, the Dancer confirmed to go to the Poet’s house. In the house, there took place a chat session with coffee cups for both. In between the preparation of coffee by the lonely Poet, the dancer discovers a book by Rabindranath Tagore named Chitro Bichitro and remembered her past.

This is a story about the past and the forgotten and lost bonding.

Chitro Bichitro Movie | Theatrical Trailer | Official | Bengali Short Film | 2013 | Full HD (You Tube)





Arpita Das
Aritra Chatterjee
Baidantik Das
Manisha Dutta
Sandipan Das
Debanjan Mukherjee
Sayani Ray
Sayak Nag
Sourav Basak
Mousumi Das
Kanishka Pal
Mousumi Sultana

Directorial and TechnicalTeam:

Satyam Deb Roy
Ayan Chatterjee
Ritam Dutta
Sandipan Das

Cultural Team:

Ankita Borgohain
Aparajita Saha
Subir Ghosh
Sujata Majee
Trishanu Das
Aheli Das
Paramita Chakrabarty

Special Thanks:

Ilora Bhadury
Soumya Das
Mr. & Mrs. Nag
Jhuma Dutta
Kanishk Bugalia

Shouvhik Lodh