Movie Review: Roopkotha Noy; Soumitro Chatterjee in the lead role weaves a magical tale for the urban audience

By Sayan Roy Chaudhuri / WBRINN

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Kolkata, September 22 (Washington Bangla Radio): After quite a while we have got a film where the legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee plays the lead. Atanu Ghosh, the director who won many appreciations with his film film ‘Angshumaaner Chobi’ is back with another sensible film in the form of ‘Roopkotha Noy’

Sisir Roy (Soumitra Chatterjee) is a seventy plus ‘young’ man who does not have a happy and healthy family life. He always has an eye for minute emotions of others and those who are in distress do not escape his experienced eyes, especially those who come in the vicinity of a park where Sisir spends a lot of time.

So Sisir meets the protagonists of the film Ahana (Sohini Sarkar) and her husband Prasit (Gaurav Chakrabarty), Saswata (Kaushik Sen), Sananda (Nina Chakrabarty) and a traditional typist Biswanath (Rahul). Every one of them is going through some kind of crisis or the other.

Ahana is a young girl who is a bit more vibrant and twitchy but a lot immature comparative to most of other girls of her age. She has recently married Prasit but has fled her in-laws home just after the first night of marriage.  Her husband Prasit is never confident about what to and what not to. We also find Saswata a mathematics teacher who is frustrated with the monotony of his life. He deals with mathematics but has lost all chemistry with his own life. There is also a character named as Rina a petrol pump employee. The role has been played superbly by Nina Chakrabarty.  We see Rahul as Bishwanath, a road side typist who is trying hard to meet his both ends. He along with other such typists who uses traditional typewriter is losing their earning due the rise of digital printers and cyber cafes. Radhika Apte has been portrayed as a woman who is a single mother and is seeking vengeance for what has been done to her in the past.

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All of these characters find a positive catalyst in their life in the form of the aged man Sisir Ray (or rather Sisir Ray finds them and barge into their life and start acting as a positive catalyst). Sisir, the weathered man who has crossed many turbulent streams in his life guides the characters with his wit and experience. He brings them back to their respective orbit and restores their normal track of life.

The film has been directed very well and every character has been treated uniquely. Also the actors fit the bill perfectly. But one has to say that Sohini and Soumitra stand out among the ensemble cast. Sohini, in this film is a rare example of how an actor can woo the audience even with his or her shortcomings. The audience will find Soumitra in the lead and central role after quite a while and would love to see him in such a role. Perhaps no other actor could have replaced him in the movie.

The director has weaved all the characters neatly. There is always a risk to lose track while handling so many characters with so many dimensions. But the story never loses its grip. There are lots of moments which will touch the audience from inside. The portrayal of different emotions in such a way is also something very rare. The director could have kept away an implied tool of connecting the audience, widely used in the climax of stage dramas, i.e. speaking directly to the audience. It rather turned out as a bump in such a realistic story. But the film is unique in its own way and one must not be surprised if it finds its way to the courses of filmmaking in various institutes.


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