Kailash Kher's first ever web concert with Shreya Ghosal

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Mumbai, September 17 (Washington Bangla Radio): Kailash Kher’s events and concerts are usually jam-packed and he is known to be someone who does things in different ways and this time too Kailash has new treat for fans. He will be going live to his fans through first ever web concert.

For Sony’s ‘The Resound Project’ Kailash Kher has composed a song ‘Naina Chaar’ which will be performed live in a web concert in duet with Shreya Ghosal. Though both the singers have individual voices – one has very rustic and folk feel to his voice and the other is soft and romantic genre singer. It will be an interesting mix to see them come together for the first time.

Kailash has always treated his fans with very different kind of music, there is soul in his songs; as they are mostly dialect or speech based lyrics and thus gets easily connected with the audience. The ‘Albeliya’ singer has always done things in style like he selected one of his fan made video to be featured in his album ‘Rangeela.

And this time too, he is going live in first ever web concert. Kailash knows how to win hearts!

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