Tollywood now has its own ‘Khan’; Shoaib and Kinni starrer Bengali Movie ‘Knock Out’ unveiled for the media in Kolkata

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN
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Kolkata, September 16 (Washington Bangla Radio): “Shoaib is the first Khan of Tollywood. He will hopefully match up to the Khans of the Bollywood film industry” said director Rajib Chatterjee. The director along with the lead pair of the film Shoaib and Kinni was present at the Oberoi Grand for the promotion of their upcoming film Knock Out.

Directed by Rajib Chatterjee, the New Bengali movie Knockout is a romantic comedy where Shoaib plays the role of an aspiring crime reporter Sunny. Kinni plays the role of Ruhi, the daughter of a top politician. She wins a beauty pageant accidentally. However her father wants her to marry and settle down. To escape from the immediate pressure of getting married early, she runs away and meets Sunny. The maddening journey of the pair begins from here and this leads them to Thailand. Ruhi’s father pulls all strings to get back his daughter. What happens next is the crux of the storyline of film.

“I was destined to work in Tollywood. My grandfather was a Bengali and I was pretty close to him. I knew about his love for Bengal and I wanted to work here. It is sheer luck that Rajib Chatterjee spotted me in New Delhi. He wanted to cast me in the film and I readily agreed to it. It is indeed a dream debut for me. I am thankful to the entire team behind the film for being patient with me, helping me to learn the language, giving me the confidence and putting faith in my acting abilities. I hope I am able to live up to the expectations” said Shoaib with a smile. Bitten by the acting bug, Shoaib entered the world of films leaving aside the profession of a dentist. The actor who has been trying various Bengali cuisine from Phuchkas to Rosogollas also commented that “Bong girls are really hot”.

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In a short dress and high heeled pumps, Kinni looked stunning and kept the mercury soaring. The student of B.D. Memorial International School is studying in class eleven. “It is not easy to handle my studies with the acting schedule. But I am good in studies and hence my principal at the school allows me to take leaves frequently” said the actress smilingly.

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After a small trailer of the film was shown to the assembled guests and the media, the director further highlighted some aspects of the film. “There are a few things which I will like to say about the lead pair. Kinni is excellent and effortless. Whatever I taught her, she immediately grasped it. Shoaib is dedicated. He is a natural actor and has been trying hard to learn Bengali. He has also dubbed for himself. I am very satisfied that I chose them for the lead in my film” added the director. the director also thanked Bijitesh De (of Talash and Don 2 fame) for the wonderful work that he has done as Director of Photography.

A major part of the film (about thirty five percent) has been shot in many beautiful locales in Thailand. Thailand is an integral part of the film. The message of this new age rom-com is “Live your life”. There are six songs in the film. Madhu Mukherjee is the music director of the film. The film also stars veteran actors like Rajesh Sharma, Krishnakishore Mukherjee, Dwijen bandopadhyay and Anjan Srivastav in pivotal roles.

The film is all set to release during Diwali. 

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