Interview: Sudip Sarkar, From Bengali Serial Champion to New Kolkata Bengali Film Kaal Madhumash (WBRi Exclusive)

By Awrko Roy / WBRINN

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Kolkata, September 15 (Washington Bangla Radio): WBRi special correspondent Awrko Roy caught up with Sudip Sarkar, a well known television actor who is going to make his big screen debut with ‘Kaal Madhumash’ under the direction of Prabir Roy. Excerpts from the chat:

We all know Sudip since he claimed to fame as character Adi in television soap titled Champion. Lets know more about Sudip from Sudip himself…

For the last few years I am staying in Kolkata, I am basically from Chinsurah, Hoogly District. I am a simple guy with simple life. I pursued my education with Geography as subject but the influence of films brought me to Kolkata and that‘s how my journey as an actor began.

How will you describe your initial days at Kolkata?

Acting was my passion and so I joined a theater group named ‘Samakaal’ which now no longer exists. Then I joined another theatre group known as Spandan at Sithir More near Dum Dum and slowly my footstep towards silver screen started. I assisted Anindo Mukheerjee for his television soap Ekhane Akash Neel for six months and I got exposed to the media industry.

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When did you realize that you want to be a part of film industry?

From my childhood days I loved to act.. I took part in many plays which we call PARAR NATOK….but the influence of films came from my brother Joydip who was working as a cinematographer. With his support I started understanding the language of films...He showed me a lot of films from all over the world which changed my thought and vision for films. I realized those days when I used to watch television soaps with my mother. I am not insulting others but I found that the performances were not looking real and hence nowhere near to convincing…and I felt confident by judging their performance. May be people will say it’s my overconfidence and too much aggressiveness but I will say that it was belief in myself. So I decided to step into acting.

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Why did you choose acting as a profession leaving the other aspects of filmmaking?

Our life is very small, we all see different dreams at different stages of life.. In my childhood days I dreamt of becoming Army personnel marching with the LMG gun and fighting for the security of India.  Sometimes I thought myself as a good cricketer who gets accolades while scoring century or sometimes as a daredevil pilot who is riding a jet plane….but the fact is we all cannot do all these stuffs in one life….but while becoming an actor I can cherish all these things and I realized that with acting I can lead too many lives…(smiles)

Champion was a big break in your life- how will you rate it.

While assisting Anindo Da , I got an offer from the team of Sushanta Das who was planning to start a soap on Akash Bangla named as Champion.. I was called for the audition and I was selected. Champion was a memorable project to me and will always be close to my heart not because of my first work but due to the introduction of new upcoming talents like Mimi Chakraborty, Indrasis Roy, Aparna, Saugata and of course Raja. It feels great that we all nearly of same age, debuted into television industry and we still are good friends and not to forget Sushanta Da, who will always be my mentor. He always stood by my side. It feels sad when I look back and see that it is only Sushanta Da who gave me work and is always there for me. May be because of that we have a great bonding…(smiles) Champion was really a nostalgic work to me….

Our industry looks very stunning but the struggle behind the success is concreted. With struggle we experience lots of things that affect our emotions. Have you ever faced something like this?

Still now I feel this every day…(smiles)..I feel in this industry we have to be diplomatic…I came from a small town and may be my innocence caused me see a lot of situations like you said….but time changes and it also brought a bit of transition in my life. Recently the problem is that very few directors think about acting….may be for getting good work you have to be very intellectual and should have strong PR skills. If I have a son, then I will want him to go to gym instead of going to acting school...I think  bodybuilders are the new statement of style in Bengali films but if we look back at Mumbai, we see Irfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Chandan Roy Sanyal and others…even Al Pacino my favorite actor doesn’t have a body..(smiles)….I don’t want to be a hero and I just want to portray a character…when I am in work I do work and out of work I give time to myself , I read books watch films which most of the people don’t do and this is how I differentiate myself from others.. I don’t know how long this myth will continue in this industry…I really feel sad about this trend….I feel all my dreams are shattering day by day…

Tell us something about your journey from Champion to Kalmadhumash.

After champion, my acting in Devdas was noticed…then I played an important character in Saat Pake Baadha, I played the lead character in Jeet which was aired in Sananda Tv…I will never forget Moumita Gupta with whom I have worked in Saat Pake Baadha, who referred me to Prabir Uncle and thus Kaalmadhumash came into my life.

What is the character you are playing in Kaalmadhumash?

I am playing the character of Sarit, who has the image of boy next door. He stays with his mother and he looks after his dad’s business. Due to some crunch in family business he comes to meet Kunal Mitra which is being played by Arindam da (Arindam Sil). He also meets his wife (Rimjhim) and gradually falls in love with her.

What is the most strong point of your film Kaal Madhumash?

Kaal Madhumash is a love a story with a different perspective. It shows the necessity of love between two differently aged people. People will feel that there is no vulgarity in the love. I think the love shown in the film has lines of innocence, purity, positive ness which will be the strong point.

Films based on Love stories are incomplete with its music. How will you rate your film’s music?

I think the way the visuals are shown in the film will be interesting. We tried to keep the flow of eighty’s in our mind. The music will make you feel the rhythm of old days. I love the way we shoot the music sequences.

How was Rimjhim as a co-star?

First of all Rimjhim is senior to me but she was very friendly. She guided me whenever I needed help. It was great to have her as my co-star.

How as your shooting experience?

I love the way we executed the shooting. Before going to shoot I was very nervous as most of the cast is older and much more experienced than me. I wondered how I will deal with a situation like that. But the whole unit was very friendly, especially Prabir Uncle and K.N. Sharma Sir.

You have done a lot of characters on screen, which according to you is the best character you did. May be if given chance you will do that again and again.

I will say its Adi, the character that I played in Champion. I would love to do that character again as I feel I am just like that.

Last but not least a few words for Kaal Madhumash.

Kaal Madhusmash is the result of hard work of Prabir uncle and the whole team. I am very excited about the film as I am playing the protagonist in the film. This film will give you the feel of love in purest form. Big thanks to KN Sharma Sir for having faith in me. The film is releasing on 13th September.