Interview: Intimate with Item Girl Rakhi Sawant; Tollywood, Marriage, Indian Politics, Item numbers and more (WBRi Exclusive)

By Awrko Roy/ WBRINN

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Kolkata, September 8 (Washington Bangla Radio): WBRi correspondent Awrko Roy was with sizzling hot Rakhi Sawant in a car all the way to Park Hotel from Narayani studio in Joka. Here are the excerpts of an engaging chat:

 Say something about the film you are a part of?

The movie’s name is Mangrove and is produced by Rehman sir. The film is being directed by Sourav Mukhopadhay. I am doing a special appearance in what we call item song.  I love the song and I am enjoying shooting it. I love Bengali tunes because all the legends like Kishore Kumar, Bappi da, Kumar Sanu are associated with this culture. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to work in Bengali Industry.

What’s your take on life?

I want to be busy forever, I want to do more item songs as dance is my passion..Other than that I have opened up a production house and have started my production and later I will opt for direction.

Who according to you is the best dancer you have worked with?

That’s a difficult question to answer….yes it is Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan…I want to include everybody..Of course Govinda jii..I have worked with him, and I want to include Shahid Kapoor also..All the new actors are fabulous dancers…

How do you describe Kolkata – the city of joy?

Too much traffic…but I love Calcutta because of food, the very sweet language and because of beautiful women all around….I love them

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Some people sat that the term ‘Item dancer’ is re-defined again after Rakhi Sawant made a benchmark-what’s your take on this?

Some people don’t know what the meaning of Item song is... like if you eat dal and sabji
without any tadka you can’t eat dal or sabji, I hope you understand what I mean(smiles). If you are eating fish curry its fine but if you are eating fish fry with masala that is called item song. Indian people love item song and after Helen ji made it popular, I tried to make it more popular and I am proud of that.

When will the world witness the special marriage ceremony of Rakhi Sawant?

No no no  (smiles)… funda is something like this if Salman bhai marries then I will marry. If he won’t marry I won’t marry forever.

We know Rakhi Sawant have struggled a lot during her starting days, now you have made a mark. How will you describe those days?

I say if you are driving a car and there is no speed breakers accident will happen. Life is just like that. If you struggle then only you will like enjoying..Like after you take out gold from mine you need to extract and purify it with fire then only you will wear jewellery. So struggle life is also very necessary. I feel those people who are born with golden a spoon like Abhishek Bachchan son of living legend Amitabh Bachchan, they haven’t seen what struggle is. I am happy because I have experienced struggle you know I have came up from scratch so I thank god, Indian people and my fans.

When you are very angry what do you do?

I eat a lot when I am angry….

If there is something that you feel you will change if you have the power then what could it be?

I will find out how the flyover bridge broke down in Kolkata a few days back. What is the main point behind this. I will try to give rations in a reasonable rate. Those from government who bribes I will transfer them and of course security of women. I will add more ladies into police and will give them proper karate classes and will post them into each and every corner and will make Indian women feel safe while being outside of house.

What is your view on the corruption of India?

Some parties are doing well some parties are doing bad job. If I am in power I will show them what I can do. I will try to rectify them. The political leaders should understand that the Indian people are selecting you so they should work for people rather than themselves.

What will happen if your house is caught on fire?

My dear there can’t be two fires in my house (smiles)..I myself is the fire so I don’t bother about that.

What’s your favorite song?

Dil mein ho tum, ankhoon mein tum (sings and smiles)..I love the Bengali version also

When is the particular moment that you thought you want to be a part of this industry?

When I saw Sridevi dancing, Madhuri Dixit dancing, Helen ji dancing suddenly there came a spark in my mind and I decided that I want to be a dancer- an item dancer.

What’s the difference you have seen between Bengali film industry and the Hindi film industry?

Both are same and nothing different…all the crews are good, directors are good, so no difference..

We know Rakhi Sawant as a straight forward celebrity but according to the rumors you are liveried with a tag “DRAMA QUEEN”- what’s your take on this?

When an elephant walks on a road all the street dogs barks. When we see a fruit in a tree we always throw stones at it…(smiles) when I am going people are talking about me and I don’t care.

This is going to be a rapid fire round –

Love - most important

Films – love to watch

SRK- love him (smiles)

Aag by RGV- not again

Dance – passion

Bengali women- oh la la

Rakhi Sawant- hot, sexy, spicy, mystery

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