New Audio Music Launch: ‘Folkism’ by Bangla Band Kaya; Soulful Folk music for the urban listeners

By Awrko Roy / WBRINN

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Kolkata, September 7 (Washington Bangla Radio): It was a grand evening for one of the outstanding music bands of Bengal popularly known as Kaya when they launched their latest album Folkism. The event took place at “The Eye Within Club” which is located near Southern Avenue. Music maestro Soumitra of folk band Bhoomi fame, renowned fashion designer Agnimitra Pal and famous actor cum singer Lajbonti Roy graced the occasion and brightened up the evening.

The content of the album Folkism is quite clear from its title that it contains the essence of Folk music. Folkism has eight tracks of different flavors of life, starting from the melody of the great proficient folk master Lalan Shah to Amar Pal. The music has been composed with the objective of enrichment of modern life style.

Arindam, the khamak specialist and the music composer of Kaya said, “Keeping the base intact we have blended these tracks bringing modern digitalized instruments with traditional ones together. So we hope that it will make an appeal to the youth as well. The lyrics of these songs are same as the old one, only the feel of the music is made in such a way that it reflects the equilibrium of modern day life.”

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Bubai, the magnificent drummer of Kaya thanked Hindustan Records for their immense support and making their dream come true. He feels that Folkism will have a different influence on the listeners as it is made in a different and innovative way. The originality of the songs is restored in the same way but the soundscape has been changed to give a different feel. To him, music will always be immortal only the perception will change through different aura.

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The prolific fashion designer Agnimitra Pal stated that it’s an immense pleasure to witness this auspicious evening. She loves folk music as it adds peace to the soul. She feels confident about the album Folkism as the way generations have advanced, this music will bridge the gap between the old and the western flavor. She wished the team the very best for their immense hard work for the inception of Folkism.

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Soumitra of Bhoomi fame looked very excited. He said, “It’s an honor to attend this event and its also a real pleasure to be a part of the launch of such a mesmerizing album by Band Kaya.” He further stated that he loves Baul music and is extremely happy with the way Kaya has made their album Folkism. The music is very good and he wants people to listen to this album which has some unique quotient.

Lajmonti Roy said that “I know Kaya from a long time and they are really making good music. It feels great when I look back at Kaya’s journey and am glad that the band works with folk music.” She further adds that she wants people to buy CDs of music albums as the music industry is going through a tumultuous time due to the influence of the internet.

Music was never contained by any boundary or particular region and every form of music is now accepted globally. Band Kaya strongly believes that this music album will contribute in strengthening the world of love, integrity and brotherhood.

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