Rituparno Ghosh last Bengali movie Satyanweshi merchandise launched; Mugs designed by the creative genius himself

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN


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Kolkata, September 5 (Washington Bangla Radio): “We used to ask Ritu da (Rituparno Ghosh) to give us the mug to drink tea on the sets of Satyanweshi. But he used to scold us and did not allow us to use the mug. Since there was one mug from which he used to drink tea, he did not pay any attention to our words.  It is later on when he designed more mugs that we got the chance finally to drink tea from the mugs” said director turned actor Sujoy Ghosh. The director cum actor was present at Shopper’s Stop at South City Mall to unveil the special collection of Satyanweshi mugs at Shopper’s Stop. Anindya Chatterjee, the one who is playing the role of Ajit in the film and Mr. Santanu Ghosh who is the Customer Care Associate and Area Controller of Shopper’s Stop Limited was also present at the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Santanu Ghosh said “It is indeed a great honor for us to get to partner with Shree Venkatesh Films’ upcoming film Satyanweshi. It is a great privilege for us to be a part of the unveiling of the exclusive merchandise crafted by Rituparno Ghosh. We are extremely happy to offer our customers the limited edition mugs that have been designed by the talented director. These mugs will give the customers a chance to cherish the masterpiece created by the ace director”. He also added that there is a great influence of Indian films on the lifestyle and fashion in our society. In the past Shopper’s Stop had launched exclusive apparel inspired by films like Kartik calling Kartik, Om Shanti Om, Love Ajkal and many more.

In a blue Punjabi, Anindya Chatterjee looked lively. Anindya was visibly excited and nervous about the film which is due to release on the 6th of September “I am experiencing butterflies in my stomach now. I will not say much about my character now. I want the audience to go to the hall and experience the magic that Ritu da has created. I think they will not be disappointed” said Anindya. Narrating a shooting experience, Anindya said how they had to go on consuming food for a shot which had a number of retakes. “The food went cold and it did not feel good when we were eating it. But he scolded us and we had to eat the cold food for the shot. Thankfully we did not fall sick the next day” said Anindya.

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Rituparno Ghosh apart from a good director was also good at painting. This was revealed by Sujoy Ghosh. His creative bent of mind is not only restricted to the art of film making but also extends to the art of painting. “The limited edition coffee mugs are in sync with the look and feel of the film. The main importance of the mugs lies in the fact that they have been designed by Ritu da himself” said Sujoy Ghosh. While speaking about his experiences while shooting, the first thing that Sujoy Ghosh said is his initial fear of facing the camera. “I have been behind the camera always and when I was asked to face the camera, it gave me goose bumps” added Sujoy with a smile. According to the actor, the mugs are a depiction of Rituparno Ghosh’s idea of the film Satyanweshi.

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Satyanweshi releases on the 6th of September and we wish the film become a huge hit among the critics and the masses alike.

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