Shooting starts for new Bengali Suspense thriller 'Shada Kaalo Elomelo', Movie with a gripping plot

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Kolkata, September 4 (Washington Bangla Radio): Shada Kaalo Elomelo is an upcoming romantic thriller which is being directed by Debutant director Sukamal Nath and will be produced by 48 Frame Speed Motions Presence and Friends Motion Pictures. The story has been written by Debapratim Dasgupta and will be captured by Debnath Ganguly. Goutam Ghosal is composing the music of the film.

The cast of the film includes actress Laboni Sarkar, Veteran actor Biswajit Chakraborty, Santilal Mukherjee along with new generation actors like Suchanda (of fame) and newcomer Twarita. The film marks the debut of a new actor Ritesh Seal. Ritesh is playing the role of protagonist in the film whose screen name is Angshu.

Shada Kaalo Elomelo is all about the fate of a simple software engineer Angshu who believes in simple aesthetics of life. He meets a girl named as Tithi at a disco which will be played by newcomer Twarita. Meeting with Tithi brings a lot of romance for Angshu. Finally they discover that they are made for each other and decide to get married. Just one day after their reception Angshu finds that his better half Tithi is missing and here comes the twist. What is the reason behind the disappearance of Tithi? The mystery and the hunt for Tithi begin after that and the story unfolds.

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The debutant director said that this film is a romantic thriller where both the halves are treated differently. He told us that he feels the character Angshu resembles him somewhere down the lane. Angshu is a young energetic boy from a small town who dreams of leading a simple life. He utters “this film reflects the romance as we have witnessed in other films but the second half is totally different from the first half. In the second half I have brought in some unbelievable twists which we have seen in movies of Tarentino and Wong-kar-wai. While watching the movie the audience and the characters will be running on the same track but the twists in the later half will make the film memorable”

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Ritesh Seal, the protagonist told that he is very confident of his character. He praised the director who gave him all the confidence about his character. He told us that he started his acting career with a Marathi film named as Vijay Ashok where he played a small important role named as Babul. He further told us that Angshu (the character he is playing in the movie) is a kind of character who believes in simplicity. His way towards approaching his success is in a simple way, like others he also dreams of getting a good life partner. He is a software engineer who stays in Durgapur with his mother.

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Twarita the lead actress of the film told us that she is also doing a movie opposite Indraneil Sengupta. She mentions that her character Tithi is a simple good looking girl from a middle class upbringing who meets Angshu at a party. Angshu being an introvert kind of person notices her and there starts the bonding and the waves of romance in their life.

Suchanda one of the actresses of the film discloses that her character is Deepa. She reveals that with gradual progression of the film her character also changes and she helps the protagonist find his goal.