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Kolkata, September 4 (Washington Bangla Radio): Have you ever wondered at the hardships that your domestic help has to undertake to come to your house daily? Not many of us think about it. Most of us are too busy with our lives to think about them. These individuals are the focus point of director Shekhar Das’s upcoming film Nayanchampar Dinratri. The film is currently been shot at Narayan Studio at Joka. WBRI correspondent caught up with the director Shekhar Das, actresses Rupa Ganguly, Damini, and Chandreyee Ghosh on the location to derive some information about film.

In a green soiled sari, kohl lined eyes, actress Rupa Ganguly looked every bit of the character, Nayanchapa that she is playing in the film. The actress who has played numerous sophisticated characters in many of her earlier films and serials felt that this is a challenge for her. “My friends and well wishers were strongly against my playing this role. They felt I will not be able to carry this role easily. Hence I find it challenging. Hope I am able to do justice to the role” said the actress adjusting the sari on her head. “I was getting bored of doing the same roles again and again. Hence I was rejecting many roles. I have been wanting do such a role for a long time now and when I was offered such a role, I readily accepted. This is giving me a scope for experimenting and also pushing myself to test my acting abilities” added the actress.

Chandreyee Ghosh who is playing the role of Chompa in this film was found relaxing with Damini, who is playing the role of Malati in the makeup room. The glamorous actress was first mistaken by many people to be a domestic help in reality. When it was revealed that she is an actress, many were shocked. The makeup and the costume have been so apt that it is very hard to identify the actresses. “Nayanchampa, Malati and Chompa work as domestic help in households in Kolkata. We are three good friends who travel daily to Kolkata. My character is slightly jealous of Malati as she has a boyfriend. Chompa is also a character who thinks twice before taking any step” said the actress. Damini who was busy adjusting her hair and getting her makeup done revealed that she plans to do one film a year. The actress wants to focus on quality of work rather than quantity.

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The shooting for this film is for a period of fifteen days. This tight schedule means that all the work has to be done quickly. The director was found busy with the script and the cinematorgrapher on the sets. In between this hectic schedule, he shed light on his film. “The film Nayanchampar Dinratri is about the single day in the life of a maid. The maids are an integral part of the lives of the city dwellers. I have been trying to focus on issues which are not dealt with in mainstream cinema. Hence this selection of the topic” said the director. The fact that he is repeating the cast is simply to help him complete the film quickly. Using the artists who have worked with him before enables him to make them understand the scene quickly and this speeds up the work. This is the reason why Rupa Ganguly, Chandreyee Ghosh have been used again in this film. “I simply want to prove that one can make good films even in a short span of time. When you have good actors like Rupa, Chandreyee, Biswajit in the film, you can easily complete the film within a comparatively small budget” said the director.

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The music in this film is by Debojyoti Ghosh. Though the number of songs has not yet been revealed, but one song which has been used in the film is “Amar bhitoro bahiro ontore ontore acho tumi”.

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Barun Chandra, Debdoot Ghosh, Kunal padi, Manoshi Sinha, Alokananda Ray also have important roles to play in this film.

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