Female Rapper Hard Kaur’s Guru Mantra: Real Talk, No Sugarcoat

female rap singer hard kaur

Mumbai, September 3 (Washington Bangla Radio): Teachers’ Day is very special and we all love to celebrate it. Let’s see how the British Indian rapper, hip hop singer, playback singer and as well as acted in Hindi films. Let’s see what the versatile performer say about Teachers’ Day.

Hard Kaur’s most fond memory of her best teacher belongs to University of Central England where she was studying Fashion Designing. “There was Professor Bob who used to say - Life is here to live, so go live it and don't miss the opportunities,” recalls the ‘Move Your Body’ singer.

Hard Kaur elaborates that if she would have been a teacher, she would teach the kids to be real. She states - “Real Talk and not Sugarcoated at all…this world is a beautiful and a really horrible place at the same time. You can make it what you like with the decisions you make.”

Her mantra is sharp and straight - life is hard, so be a ‘Hard Core’. If life is painful so start becoming strong and if you think life is short then start enjoy every moment. Simply Hard Kaur!

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