Watch Teaser: Adnan Sami's new Music video and his Kudi Tight

Mumbai, September 1 (Washington Bangla Radio): It’s been one beauty after the other for Adnan Sami in his music videos. It has always been a topic of intrigue, waiting to find out who features in his next video.

And this time, Adnan has gone all out. With a lot of anticipation about Adnan Sami’s ‘Kudi Tight’, and a puzzling hint going out to users, everyone has been curious to find out who she is.

With the teaser of ‘Kudi Tight’ going live today, all intrigue has been put to an end… And how! We are treated to a romantic setting, a smartly dressed Adnan… And then appears comedian Bharti! This anti-climatic reveal has got everyone interested, we for one, can’t wait to watch the entire video.

Adnan Sami - Kudi Tight (You Tube)