Bangla Rock Band PLATONIC and their first album DHULOCHAAN : WBRi Feature

Listen to "Abhimanyuta Amar Porichoy" from "Dhulochaan" by Platonic

Bangla Band Platonic (India)The story begins with a group of budding young enthusiasts of an Engineering College, with a bunch of colorful dreams who find comfort in the hum and bustle of the canteen, away from the long struggling sessions of Artificial Intelligence. Their yearning to discover, to start something new created a spark in their minds, they started building castles out of the ashes of half-burnt cigarettes; with their own set of lyrics and hummable tunes they started a band, PLATONIC. With one ancient keyboard, a brittle drums kit and truckloads of passion PLATONIC confirmed their first footfall in 2002, wreathed by the warmth and support of classmates.

Time kept ticking and those young boys graduated and turned into executives of top ranked IT MNCs, bogged down with workloads and sleepless nights. Their official overseas assignments forced them to travel diverse bits around the globe which made them drift away from their dreams.

But PLATONIC moved on, the stimulant being those lovely reminiscences of the past, with the dreams of friends who wanted to create magic with their love for music.

PLATONIC since its inception have tried to spread beyond the geographical and temporal coordinates with their melodic spontaneity; the band does not only strive to create waves among the  masses but seeks to give words to the speechless mind, to give wings to unrealized dreams, to be a mate to the lonely soul, to unleash the “real-you” from within.

PLATONIC’s first endeavor “DHULOCHAAN” is nothing but a celebration of togetherness and a contemplation of the myriad shades of life. “DHULOCHAAN” is all set to release at Techno India Auditorium on Saturday the 6th of October 2012 under the label of Sagarika Music.


Members of Indian Kolkata Bangla Rock Band Platonic

  • Shuvayan Mukherjee: Vocals
  • Debiprasad Mukherjee: Guitars, Song writer
  • Subhanku Chatterjee: Vocals, Keys
  • Aditya N Hazra: Drums
  • Srijan Kundu: Bass