Swapnajit Mitra's "Horek Maal Sare Cho Taka" Joins List of Bengali E-Books on Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook

Bengali Kindle Amazon E-Book: Horek Maal Sare Chh’ TakaWashington DC, Sept 24, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) WBRi followers may remember renowned sports journalist Gautam Bhattacharya (WBRi Interview) released his latest book "Jaya He" in downloadable e-Book format from Amazon Kindle store in March of this year. Adding to the growing list of Kindle e-Books, "Horek Maal Sare Chh’ Taka" by Swapnajit Mitra, is now also available worldwide from online Amazon.com store from August of 2012.

"I found this story an insightful meditation on the nature of happiness, regrets, and reality. Its narrative arc slowly and elegantly grows in tension and unease as the story unfolds, culminating in a final, powerful revelation.", wrote Shilpa Agarwal (author of Haunting Bombay ) about one of the stories in Mitra's book.

Download Swapnajit Mitra's Horek Maal Sare Chh' Taka Kindle Edition and for iPad.

Mitra's book is also available from Barnes and Noble on its Nook devices as a Nook book >

"This story was very impressively structured and did well to explore the timeless themes of class and 'split selves.' Indeed, that a story about 'split selves' would be inspired by another story - in this case, a poem by Jibanananda Das - made for exceptionally fine reading." wrote Ronica Dhar (author of Bijou Roy).

For readers in English, Swapnajit also has an English short story "Tapas and I" in Kindle edition.

In spite of his long stay outside India, Swapnajit Mitra is one of the writers whose creativity still gets its inspiration from his country of birth. That is why in his writing the Bael tree still sets its shadowy trap on the ground in the winter sun, prehistoric jungle goddess Kusu gets her homage in the middle of dark nights and the train crosses the bridge on river Kalindi waking up baby birds in their nests. All of the characters in his stories have common names and are of very modest means and well known to every reader. But the writer travels into the unknown world of their thoughts to prove their uniqueness. This bridging across imagination and half-awakened soul is the main characteristic of his stories.

Swapnajit started dabbling with literature way before his primary school period ended. He has selected rhymes and short stories as the primary media of his literary journey. While living abroad, his works have appeared in his own or pseudo-names in literary magazines such as Shatarupa, Sanskriti, etc. His story has also appeared on the Sunday section of prestigious Bengali newspaper Anandabazar Patrika. He was also awarded the First Prize in the Katha competition in 2011 organized by India Current magazine.

Swapnajit, who lives in California, USA expresses his happiness to break the technological barrier of publishing a Bengali book on Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook. He hopes this will encourage other writers in Bengali to do the same.

Bengali readers of the collection of short stories "Horek Maal Sare Chh' Taka" do not need a Kindle device to read it. It is viewable on practically any phone and computer as well, including iPad using Amazon’s free applications for those devices.   It is also available on Barnes and Noble Nook devices

The website for the book is also written in Bengali.

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