After Touring the World, ABOSHESHE (2012) Bengali Movie Finally Premieres in Kolkata, India

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Koel Mullick with her Mom at Premiere of Abosheshe (2012) Kolkata Bangla movie
Koel with her Mom

Calcutta, Sept 21, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Aditi Roy's debut Indian Bengali movie "Abosheshey: at the End of it All" written by Neel B Mitra opened in theaters in Kolkata on 21st September making the long wait of the city audience of city come to an end. The star-studded premiere of Aboshesy took place at Priya cinema which has literally become the hub of Tollywood premiers. The cast and crew members of the film looked happy and anxious at the same time. Roopa Ganguly (Interview) said, "We are quite nervous about the film and the review that is going to come out. Though Abosheshey got released a bit late but the good thing is that it has released at last and Kolkata will get the treat of watching the movie It is never too late after all."

“Please come and watch the movie that we have tried to make unique and memorable”, she appealed to the audience. Roopa clad in a red saree, was looking elegant and her outlook spoke of the reason why she is still regarded as one of the divas of Bengali film industry.

The premiere also witnessed a huge response from the audience and appreciation flowed for every aspect of the film. One of those was surely the National-award winning voice of Roopa Ganguly. WBRi asked Roopa Ganguly if a Puja songs album from her can be expected. "Why not something more? But let the audience digest these songs first", said Roopa.

Raima Sen (Interview) too was wearing a deep red saree and was sporting a sizzling hot look. She chose not to speak much at the inauguration - perhaps having a lot of films on her plate is the reason for her to switch into an energy saving mode. Raima is having a great time in her career. She rather let the young director Aditi Roy to do the microphone job.

The first thing that Aditi did at the introduction was to make sure that every member of the cast was on the stage. She brought all the missing pieces of the unit together. In the process she called up Ankur Khanna and Manashi Sinha on the stage. Ace writer, poet, actor and director Suman Mukhopadhay (Interview), who has portrayed  a major role in the film, tried in vain to hide himself from Aditi's radar and soon ended up following the footsteps of his counterparts of the casting which lead him to the stage. A few others were called to join in which made a nice compact scene on the stage. The photographers were surely thanking the director at heart for providing such a kill for their shutterbugs.

At last Aditi spoke. Aditi said that it was the sincere effort from all the cast and crew which made the film possible. Aditi used the opportunity of the introduction stint to thank everyone related to the film for being a unit and working together. She also appealed to the audience to watch the film and also mentioned the hard work and expectations related to the film.

Aditi looked bright in a white saree with wonderfully matched golden blouse. She indeed seems to bring some bright rays on Tollywood. The same goes for Neel B Mitra (Interview) too, both for the white shirt and emotionally woven story and screenplay which are no less heroes of the film.

Raima Sen, Roopa Ganguly & Neel B Mitra
Raima Sen, Roopa Ganguly & Neel B Mitra

Ever smiling Ankur spent a lot of time on stage appreciating others. The new pretty young actress Ronjini Chakraborty (Interview) who is already on her way to make it big on both shores of Ganges and Arabian sea, was also seen with an enchanting smile on her face.

A number of celebrities from tinsel town were spotted at the premiere. Abir Chatterjee (Interview) was looking his usual handsome in a black shirt. He said that he never really felt that it is the directorial debut of Aditi Roy. Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Interview) was also seen at the event. Before he made a hurried exit to keep some other commitments, he told that Aboshehe is a real relationship story unlike many other which claim to be so.

One soon spotted a very beautiful lady escorting her mother to the premiere - none other than Koel Mullick (Interview). Koel too was in a shiny red saree - it seems hot red sarees are becoming an undeclared dress code for bong beauties of Tollywood.

Aditi Ray and Neel B Mitra
Aditi Ray and Neel B Mitra

Roopa had earlier told WBRi that during her childhood she had to be stopped from singing once she started to sing. As a child, said Roopa jokingly, she was such an enthusiast for singing that one would have to ask her, “How much would you take to stop singing?”

Now everyone is going to say the contrary.

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