Aditi Ray's Debut Bengali Movie "Abosheshey" to Premiere in Kolkata Theaters

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Roopa Ganguly and Raima Sen in Abosheshe
Roopa Ganguly and Raima Sen

Aditi RoyKolkata, September 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Aditi Ray's (right) directorial debut Bengali feature film Abosheshe is about the quest of a son to discover his mother and his roots. The film's story and screenplay are by Neel B Mitra (WBRi interview) and showcases the talent of Indian acting powerhouse Roopa Ganguly who plays Suchismita - the mother of the son played by Ankur Khanna. Both protagonist of the film are full of appreciation for the new director in Tollywood.

Roopa Ganguly said, “Though I initially had doubts if a young girl like Aditi can handle such a serious film but as soon as I started working with her I was convinced that she is going to do her job well. Aditi is so calm and there was never any sort of conflict with her during the shoot ... Sometimes I used to follow her blindly and I had complete faith in her ... our wavelengths matched perfectly”.

Roopa, who lent her voice to the Rabindrasangeet song "durey kothaye" in the film that earned her a best playback singer National award, revealed that Aditi played a huge role in persuading her to sing.

Watch Bengali movie Abosheshe screening at 2012 DCSAFF (Washington DC South Asian Film Festival

Roopa told WBRi, “When I was given the proposal to sing for the film, I bluntly said no as I did not want to get negative reviews for my songs as I am not into singing very much. Then Aditi told me that my character Suchismita is not a professional singer and she sings to her own mood. Suchismita sometimes murmurs her song and sometimes switches on to full volume. So there is no problem if her voice is not to the mark of a professional singer. I gave in on these words.”

But Roopa also mentioned that she made a deal. “I gave Aditi one condition. I said that I shall sing only if she allows me to be on the driver’s seat in the accident shot.”

Ankur Khanna plays the role of Roopa’s son who visits from the United States and find his roots and learn about his mother. Ankur also has affirmative things to say about Aditi. “Aditi is always open to suggestions and discussions. She is unlike many other stubborn directors. She is flexible to ideas and innovations. As a result many new things were incorporated  which made the sequences better.”

Aditi Ray has a Masters degree in Film Studies from Jadavpur University and heightened her skills in the art of film-making from Roopkala Kendra. About the casting of Roopa Ganguly and Ankhur Khanna, Aditi told WBRi, “Neel had written the script keeping Roopa Ganguly in mind for the role and we could not think of any other person for the role. As for Ankur I saw him acting in his previous films like ‘Amu’ and ‘Yun hota to kya Hota’ and as I needed a fresh face I approached him. He gave a nod as he liked the script.”

When asked about the the key factor for the success of the film, Aditi said “The story is going to be the hero of the film. The film has a unique appeal.”

Other than Roopa and Ankur,  Aboshshey stars Raima Sen, Ronjini Chakroborty, Sudipta, Manashi and others. The film will release in theaters on September 21, 2012 and according to our sources, it may release nationwide in the month of October.