Interview: Actress NEELU SODHI on Her Career-Vareer, Lead Role in Sridevi Starrer ENGLISH VINGLISH (2012) and Much More

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Neelu SodhiWashington, DC, September 11, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The gorgeous New York based actress Neelu Sodhi is all set to go big with her lead role in Sridevi's comeback Bollywood movie English Vinglish (2012). Neelu chats with WBRi's Gurjeet Singh about her career-vareer and much more. The eagerly anticipated English Vinglish will have it's world premiere as a Gala Presentation at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Friday September 13.

Born in Pune, India, Neelu moved to the United States as a little 7 year girl with her parents to Connecticut. After graduating from the University of Connecticut where she studied economics and international relations, Neelu commenced on a bright career in corporate finance, working with companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture and the TCW Group. But her inner calling was different, and after a couple of years of a full-time day job and evening acting classes and workshops, she decided to give in to her heart and pursue her passion for acting. "I have always had a creative side to me stronger than my quantitative side", says Neelu.

Subsequently moving to New York, she started to meet a lot of people in the film industry in the thriving community of filmmakers, producers, fellow actors and others in the industry. One of her independent films "New York Samsara" will coincidentally also premiere this month at Max Linder Theater in Paris, France. There are a couple of other acclaimed independent films that Neelu has appeared in as well. Neelu has also modeled for numerous high-profile print advertising campaigns in the US and India.

English Vinglish (2012) features Indian superstar Sridevi on the silver screen after a hiatus of fifteen years in a funny and touching story about an Indian woman who struggles to learn the English language in order to overcome her insecurities. "She is very exciting and I was thrilled to meet her", says Neelu who watched quite a few of Sridevi blockbusters like Lamhe (1991), Mr. India (1987) and Chandni (1989) when growing up: "When I first met her on a set I was blown away by her presence - absolutely beautiful and charming and such an amazing person". Neelu was understandably a bit nervous working with such an icon, but "the way she guided me and gave me advice made me so completely comfortable" made it a lot of fun.

Neelu plays Meera, niece of Sridevi's character in English Vinglish. "It's a character that I very much relate to", says Neelu - you will find out why she says that when you watch the film.

Lady Gaga and Neelu Sodhi
Lady Gaga and Neelu Sodhi

Immediately after the World Premiere at TIFF 2012, Neelu will fly to Mumbai for the October 5 release of English Vinglish - which will no doubt be one of her many upcoming trips to India as she shuttles between New York and Mumbai as her career unfolds. Neelu is in no way a stranger to Mumbai - her sister and many family members live in Mumbai and she is as familiar with Mumbai as with New York. Here is wishing Neelu Sodhi a spectacular career from Washington Bangla Radio!

Neelu Sodhi
Neelu Sodhi

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