Actress Malobika Banerjee to Explore Drugs, Sex and Alcohol in Bengali Movie MISTAKE (2012) with Preeti Jhangiani: Interview

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Actresses Malobika Banerjee and Preeti Jhangiani
Malobika Banerjee (left) and Preeti Jhangiani

Kolkata, Sep 12, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Live-in-relationships, drug and alchohol addiction, parties , love, sex and realizations, these are the things the upcoming Bengali film ‘Mistake’ is all about. In an exclusive chat with Washington Bangla Radio, Malabika Banerjee - the hot rapidly upcoming actress of Indian Tollywood Bengali movie industry - reveals a lot of things about the film where she is playing an important and smart character alongside Bollywood beauty Preeti Jhangiani and well known television actor Bickram Chatterjee. As you know, Malobika Banerjee made an impression with the Bengali film Katakuti.

“I play the role of a modern urban girl named Shree who parties a lot, leads almost a Bohemian life, drinks and takes drugs. Shree is very easygoing and does not take relationships much seriously. Shree is also the topper of her class. She possesses leadership qualities and at college she is the one to make the final call among friends. Her father being the dean, she gets an extra advantage in college. But Shree also has a lighter side where she has a positive mind and is a soft-hearted understanding girl,” said Malobika about her character in the film.

Directed by S.K., the film is going to mark the debut of gorgeous Bollywood actress Preeti Jhangiani in Bengali film industry. The very pretty Preety has earned a great fan following from her performance in the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Mohabbatein’ opposite Jimmy Shergill which also starred Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai Bachchan in pivotal roles.

Riya, Preeti’s onscreen avatar in this film, is a rural girl who becomes a fish out of water in the city. Shree is the one to teach Riya the ways of city life. “Shree tries to transform Riya into a modern girl by taking her to pubs and nightclubs. Shree drags Riya into the world of alchohol and drugs. Shree also urges her boyfriend Neil (Bickram Chatterjee) to join in the act of modernizing Riya. The relationship between Shree and Neil was never serious and both were very easy going about the relationship. Thus Shree had no issue when Riya fell for Neil but gradually as Riya and Neil started living together, the pang of jealousy struck Shree. Riya soon gets pregnant but Neil in no way wants to be a father. Watching the misery of Riya, Shree changes her attitude to life. Shree has a great feeling of regret and guilt for being the key person to drag an innocent Riya into all these trouble,” said Malobika

Malabika has a lot of appreciation for Preeti, the key star of the film who is expected to draw most of the crowd. “Preeti di is so friendly and down to the earth. Though our shooting was done in a very hectic schedule, we never realized the pressure as we were engrossed in having so much fun together. Preeti di is very professional, a quality which often seems to be lacking in Bengali film Industry. Though she can neither speak nor understand Bengali, she never let the linguistic problem become a barrier while shooting. She has also dubbed her own dialogues all by herself,” Malobika said about Preeti.

Malabika Malobika Banerjee - Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Actress

“She had praised and encouraged me a lot. She also said that she and her husband who is a director in Mumbai are ready to help if I want to try Bollywood out. It is good to have a guardian like her in Mumbai because I would like to work there in the near future.” she added.

According to Malabika, Preeti is getting calls from many other directors but she is waiting to see the response of this film before signing any other deal.

Malobika also said that she has learned a lot from Indrani Halder who plays her mother and an undercover cop in the film.

The hot graph of Malobika’s career became evident when she hinted at starting on two big projects after Durga Puja. So for the time being she is eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Mistake’ and planning her vacation in a foreign location during the Puja holidays.

Mistake is a production of Pankaj Verma and expected to hit the theaters during the month of October. First look trailer and poster are expected to be released shortly.

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