Interview: Kiran Meegada on LMFAO Comedy Night event with Vijai Nathan and My Heart Is Beating Adola (2012) Telugu Movie

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Kiran MeegadaWashington, DC, Sep 10, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) WBRi's Gurjeet Singh chats with Kiran Meegada - the young film-maker and event organizer from Washington DC metro area. One of the duo of screenplay writers and directors of "My Heart Is Beating...Adola", the other being  Arun Rudra, Kiran is also one of the organizers of LMFAO Comedy Night with the remarkably witty Vijai Nathan (interview) and Irwin Loring, Chipp Jones and Sharhryar Rizvi on Friday, October 12, 2012 at 8:00 PM at Diya Tysons in northern Virginia.

Kiran congratulates Manan Singh Katohara (interview) for always coming up with new ideas. There has been no major well-promoted South-Asia oriented stand-up comedy show in the Washington DC area in spite of being very near the cultural epicenter of New York City. LMFAO Comedy Night is presented by Manan Singh Katohora in association with Kiran Meegada, Pepper Tree Productions, Shalabh Entertainment and SKS Entertainment. Tickets are available online at eventbrite.

LMFAO Comedy Night with Vijai Nathan, Irwin Loring, Chipp Jones and Sharhryar Rizvi

Coming to making movies, Kiran developed a keen interest in cinema from a very young age. It was just a matter of time before he made his own film. The story, script, cast, crew, funding and everything fell into place for "My Heart Is Beating...Adola" and the Telugu movie was released in March of 2012 in around 12 cities in the USA and 10 cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Starring  Rajitha, Revanth, the romantic comedy set in the USA tells the story of two young people whose inhibitions come in between of expressing their feelings and love towards each other. The movie has a feel good factor with a unique presentation targeted towards youth but can be watched by the whole family.

"My Heart Is Beating...Adola" found it's fair share of fans and media attention, given the limited budget, lack of big stars and the huge flood of high-profile releases at the same time that made it a challenge for theaters to continue to show it. Kiran says the film was more intended to test the waters, and his next film is going to be much bigger.

Another unique aspect of the film is it's entirely fresh unit - other than Kiran and another person, nobody in the cast and crew actually had any real experience in cinema before. The training, transition and execution of making "My Heart Is Beating...Adola" was undoubtedly very interesting.

My Heart is Beating (2012) Telugu Movie Poster

Kiran is planning on starting on his next film early 2013. He is also actively working to organize shows featuring personalities who have not performed in Washington DC before. Needless to say, we all look forward to many more presents from Kiran and friends around our area for decades to come.

Gurjeet Singh is a Financial Analyst by profession and lives in Germantown, Maryland in the Washington DC metro area. A great enthusiast of Indian-American cultural exchanges, Gurjeet is also an avid  music lover. In her free time she dabs in some water color painting and loves to go on long walks. Gurjeet can be reached at guri070555 [at] yahoo [dot] com.