Bipasha Basu Shares Real-Life Ghost Story with Kolkata, Visits Kalighat (Interview at RAAZ 3 Press Meet)

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Kolkata, Sep 8, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bipasha Basu was literally seduced by evil when it came to signing the third installment of Raaz franchise!

Bipasha Basu on a Raaz 3 (2012) outdoor poster in KolkataBipasha Basu on a Raaz 3 (2012) outdoor poster in Kolkata

She was the lead in the first installment of Raaz, the Hindi remake of the Hollywood flick ‘What lies Beneath’. Raaz became a huge hit and broke many records. Bipasha essayed the role of a wife falling prey to the revengeful soul of her husband’s ex-lover.

In Raaz 3 she chose to play the evil lady Shanaya who invokes black magic to achieve her objectives. During the pre-release promotional tour, she had promised her fans from her hometown Kolkata to steal the show in Raaz with this challenging role of her - after the release of the film her fans across the world are happy to see her keep her words.

During the Kolkata visit of Raaz 3 team, Bipasha visited the shrine of Kalighat clad in a dazzling red and white saree and sought divine blessings for the success of her evil character. Just after she returned from the sacred shrine with her co-star Emraan Hashmi and producer Mahesh Bhatt she made her own ghost story public at a press meet of Raaz 3. Before the press meet very few had known that Bipasha had real-life experience of ghostly phenomenon.

Bipasha revealed at the Kolkata press meet that she does believe in evil spirits and ghosts and shared one of her uncanny experiences. “It was during the shooting of the film ‘Gunaah’. The shooting was going on in a mill known as Mukesh mills. I was doing a scene in which I had to walk form one room to another mouthing my dialogues. Though I am very good with my dialogues and rarely get messed up with them, I had very strange feelings and could not come out with my dialogues. But the surprising thing was that whenever I rehearsed my dialogues in another room, they came out just as fine. I seemed that some queer power was present at that very room which stopped me from delivering my dialogues. My words just refused to came out from my mouth in that room and I felt that some unseen element was trying to overpower me. I shared my feelings with the director and other members of our team."

"Soon we came to know some strange facts about the place. Many incidents of violence and crime had occurred in and around the place and many stories of the place being haunted is on the rounds. But what shook us most was a real fact which occurred just around 10 days back from our schedule. A young girl, who came as a part of another shooting team to shoot at that place reportedly got possessed. She had shown acute symptoms of possession, some worse than those which are shown in horror movies. She ultimately fell sick and died within a week.” Said Bipasha.

“The very next day a puja was arranged on the sets and from then on we never faced any uncanny incident. But still I would never like to return to that place.” Bipasha added.

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Her date with the ghost seems to have one good side. She now believes that ghosts exist. One performs better as an actor if one believes in her role being real. Bips' performance as Shanaya in Raaz 3, the lady who invokes ghostly spirits to avenge her downfall has proved it.

Bipasha Basu on a Raaz 3 (2012) outdoor poster in Kolkata

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