Film Preview: Mahi - Bappi in Bhalobashar Rong (2012) - Sleek Bangladeshi Movie Breaks Digital Barrier

Bangladeshi Actress Mahi and Actor Bappy

The movie 'Bhalobashar Rong' has revolved around a beautiful story of love and passion. The current traditional and monotonous style has been rejected as the makers have introduced a pair of new and smart lead casting for this movie, namely Bappi and Mahi.

Bappy is studying Mass Communication in a reputed university and Mahi is a second year HSC student. Despite their young age and career, both have illuminated talent and vigor in the movie and promise delights and masterpieces in the years to come.

The makers are proud to have Nayak Raj Razzak and Miju Ahmed in the movie. Amit Hassan has played a very different role from what he is used to in this movie and the crowd is going to love it. Apart from them an array of established and well known entertainment figures are also present in the movie.

Bengali actor BappyThe hero of the film Bappi is the new sensation and has already stirred attention in the film industry. A symbol of masculinity and youth, Bappy is a role-model for the position of the leading actor. His fluent, appealing and awe-striking performance demands appraisal. He has prepared himself meticulously over months to play his part in this movie. He has displayed his flawless skills both in romantic parts of the movie and in the action sequences, where he performed as a pro. His genius as a person and actor ensures his sound position in the film industry and he guarantees more of him in the years to come.

Bengali Actress MahiThe new hot debutante Bangladeshi actress Mahi  is gorgeous, promising, gifted and charming, and has proved to be the perfect person of choice to play the prestigious role as the lead female casting for Bhalobashar Rong. Her glamorous presence and realistic acting has awed the experts already and it is already evident that she here to stay and enlighten. Bhalobashar Rong is her first movie. With delightful dancing skills and practical performance, she is sure to charm the audiences.

Jaaz Multimedia is carrying out the execution and production of the film. Jaaz Multimedia has employed world renowned DTS for audio production and state of the art technology equipped 'Red One Camera (with upgraded 'MX sensor)' for the shooting of Bhalobashar Rong. Notable movies shot with this camera include Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Social Network, Knowing etc. To make the action sequences and songs more realistic and enjoyable, the same Special Effects and Animations that are being used in Hollywood and Bollywood films have been implemented.

Bhalobashar Rong is directed by the very prominent Shaheen and Shumon, who with their aptitude and experience have curved this movie into a work of art and entertainment and they believe it to be one of their bests. Few directors understand better movie making the way they do, they have admirable understanding of everything that is required for the successful capture and execution of a film, ranging from the expertise in technical aspects to the delivery of the story through effective scripts. Directors of more than fifty movies, most of which are super hit in the industry, they are back with another of their characteristic masterpiece.

After months of brainstorming, audience research and analysis, the best possible strategies are being adapted to make this film one of a kind and cherishable. The trailer, songs and pictures of the movie are being distributed in the internet and as mobile content and they are being widely greeted by the people.

The songs of the movie, specially the item song by Mila, have already made the favorite Top 10 list of Radio Foorti. The music and composition of the songs have been done by Shawkat Ali Emon and Emon Saha, and the song artists are Nancy, Kishor, Kona and Saimon.

Bhalobashar Rong challenges to bring back the audiences who have turned their back to cinema halls. Speaking on this topic, the CEO of Jazz Multimedia Shish Manwar says: "Cinema lovers are disheartened and unenthusiastic to go to the cinema halls due to the monotonous and uncreative nature of contemporary movies. We firmly assure that this unique and charming making and story of Bhalobashar Rong will bring back cinema lovers. We aim to restore the quality cinema environment that Bangladesh deserves, take its standards to international levels and revert attention of the youth back from Hollywood and Bollywood cultures". He also added that Bhalobashar Rong will be released in four different countries.

Watch the Bangladeshi movie Bhalobashar Rong (2012) Trailer:

Cinematography : Kamrul Ahmed Ponir
Editor : Tawhid Hossain Chowdhury
Music and Tune: Shawkat Ali Emon, Emon Saha
Produced and Distributed by : Jaaz Multimdia 

Bengali Film Poster: Bhalobashar Rong (2012) Mahi - Bappi

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