The formula of Director Husband and an actress wife continues in Resident Evil: Retribution

Milla Jovovich.

Mumbai, India, Sept 8, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) A real life couple coming together in the role of a director and an actor in reel life as well, isn’t that something?

Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson

We have seen in the franchise films of Underworld and also in Total Recall where Len Wisemen teamed up with wife Kate Beckinsale to deliver that what the audience thinks is best. Another such couple will soon bring for the audience entertainment the Sony Picture’s film “Resident Evil-Retribution.” The film which releases on 28th September stars Milla Jovovich as the lead with director Paul W.S Anderson who is Milla’s husband in real life.

Rumours had it that when Len and Kate teamed up it was more like a family picnic for them. So it goes without saying that even Milla and Paul had fun on the sets even while they strove to deliver their best. The film which is in its fifth installment now, had its last three prequels directed by Paul. So the formula of Director Husband and an Actress wife was applauded by the audience even back then. The character of Alice played by Milla has garnered a huge fan following as well.

Along with the Resident Evil franchise, the couple have also worked together in many other films also which have earned them appreciation. But how well will this film be received by the audience will be decided on the judgement day 28th September.

The Sci-fi action thriller film’s release in 3D adds punch to the whole movie watching experience and the treat for the Indian fans of the franchise is its release in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.


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