Riingo's "Na Hanyate" (2012) Bengali Movie: World-Class Stunts and SFX Never Before Seen in Tollywood (Interview)

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Na Hannayte (2012) Bengali Film Poster

Kolkata, Sep 7, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) A Bengali movie featuring a collapsing building in crowded Baranagar, crashing plane in Nalban, pyrotechnics, world-class SFX and a strong storyline showcasing maternal instinct may seem to be a tall order, but writer-director Riingo Banerjee (previously featured in this WBRi Interview) has already taken the leap and shares quite a few intimate details of his upcoming film "Na Hanyate" exclsuively with WBRi.

Riingo Banerjee, who has already been tagged as the most technically sound director of Tollywood, promises to be back with some spectacular special effects and spine-chilling stunts in his upcoming flick. He actually got a huge building demolished in the heart of Kolkata for a sequence in his ambitious project ‘Na Hanyate’.

Riingo spoke exclusively to Washington Bangla Radio on the sets of the film at a city studio. “Na Hanyate is going to be one of the most technically advanced films ever made in Tollywood. Demolishing such a large building within the heart of city and with so many people inside it is never easy. The sequence also had lead actors and some children in it and thus demanded heavy precautions to avoid any unfortunate incident. The place and timing of the shooting was also not on our side which made it very tough. The demolished building, a property of Calcutta Port Trust, was located at a populated area like Baranagar and the shooting took place on the night of 31st December when the roads were thronged by crowds. Shooting at night is always tough by default”, he told WBRi.

“There film also is going to showcase some mind-blowing special effects by Krishnendu Ghosh.  The special effects are of world-class and are looking very real. The sound design by Tito also has matched every step with other aspects of the film”, Riingo added.

The story of Na Hanyate depicts the tale of oscillation in relationships during the time of tragedy. The film which an impressive cast consisting of Rahul, Priyanka, Rupa Ganguly, Sayani, Debshankar, Chirodeep and others is partly inspired from a biographical essay by Yang Liang, a Chinese who had put up her experiences of an earthquake in it. Riingo has also put in the experiences of tragedies he has faced himself into the plot.

“Some elements in the film are also inspired by my own tragic experiences. My horrible experience in the year 2000 while shooting in Bangladesh for a film on ‘Muktijudho’ has helped me to get some inputs in the film.  Due to some technical failures, houses got wrecked and ten of the assistants died in that incident. I, myself got badly injured and lost my left leg. Very few know that my left leg is now artificial.” Riingo told WBRi.

The film also has another sequence not dared to be shot by anyone from the Bengali film Industry before. It is a sequence of a plane crash site for which Nalban in Kolkata was chosen for the set up of the crash site. “It was not easy to arrange for all the security measures for shooting such sequences. Admist all the securities a few minor accidents could not be avoided. For example, once the timing got of our pyrotechnical stuff got wrong and the explosion unexpectedly happened just below the camera. In spite of all these our unit remained firm on their stand of duty and completed the shooting successfully. These two sequences also cost about sixty percent of the total budget of the film.” said the director.

The film though is high on technique, stunts and special effects. It also has a strong script and has some touchy portrayal of mother-children relationships. “There are three characters of mothers and the immense sacrifices a mother does for her children are upheld in the film. In one scene a mother goes under the most unfortunate situation a mother can have. In that scene she was supposed to choose to save the life of either her son or daughter amidst a disaster.” Riingo said.

Speaking of the performances of the cast, he said, “Rahul has done a great job in the film. So have Debshankar, Chirodeep, Priyanka and Sayani. But the performance of Rupa Ganguly is unbeatable.”

The film which is slated to be released on 26th November is going to have a special screening for the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

“Our CM believes in technology and so the film is going to make her proud of Bengali cinema. The subject too is close to Didi’s heart.” Said Riingo.

Na Hanyate, which means ‘It does not die’, is surely going to make some impact apt to the title.

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