Saheb Bibi Golam (1956) - King, Queen, Knave: Uttam Kumar - Sumitra Devi Old Kolkata Bengali Classic Movie by Kartik Chatterjee

Mahanayak Uttam Kumar opposite Bengali actress Sumitra Debi

Calcutta, Sep 6, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Adapted by director Kartik Chattopadhyay from a story by noted Bangla writer Bimal Mitra, the film Shaheb Bibi Golam released in March of 1956 in theaters in Kolkata including Alo Chaya, Poorabi and Dorpona under the banner of Sarkar Productions. The super-hit Bangla cinema with Uttam Kumar and Sumitra Devi leading the star cast also stars Anubha Gupta, Chhabi Biswas, Nitish Mukherjee, Bhanu Banerjee, Jahar Roy, Chhaya Debi, Padma Devi, Shyam Laha, Pahari Sanyal, Nripatai Chatterjee, Nabadip Halder, Nilima Das, Dhiraj Das, Jahar Ganguly, Kanu Banerjee, Haridhan Mukherjee, Tulsi Chakraborty and many others in important and secondary roles.

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Watch Saheb Bibi Golam (1956) Bengali film song "Ami Tomar Beena" by Sandhya Mukhopadhyay

The lyrics of the Bengali film songs of Saheb Bibi Golam are penned by Shibdas Banerjee and Sunil Baran Dey. The music director is Robin Chatterjee and the songs have been performed by Dhananjay Bhattacharya, Sandhya Mukherjee, Supriti Ghosh and Alpana Banerjee.

Uttam Kumar plays Bhootnath aka Atul Chakraborty and Sumitra Devi is the ambitious Poteshwori, who is the Choto Bou (wife of the youngest son of the family played by Nitish Mukherjee) in the film. Chhaya Devi plays Bara bou (wife of the eldest son) and Padmadevi is Mejo Bou (wife of the 2nd son played by Chobi Biswas). Set in late 1800s in a rich upper-class Zamindar house on the historic Banamali Sarkar Lane of Kolkata, Pateshwari (Sumitra Devi) is a passionate young married woman who is not afraid to look for unconventional love and excitement. Forsaken by her husband, Poteshwari takes to drinking and develops a relationship with Bhootnath who she meets during buying sindoor.

Anubha Gupta plays Joba in the film and Pahari Sanyal her dad Subinay Babu, owner of a company which manufactures Mohini Sindoor and employer of Bhootnath. Bhootnath was a servant of the rich household long ago, and still scrapes a living selling sindoor - he is the golam romancing with Poteshwari who is the Bibi (Queen), wife of the saheb (King).

One of the twists in the drama is Bhootnath was married to Joba long ago, but Joba loves another man. The film ends in tragedy where Bhootnath identifies the remains of Poteshwari who was abducted earlier in the story.