Big Switch 3 finalist Sushant Divgikar Hosts Atyachaar Ka Punchnama on Bindass

Mumbai, Aug 22, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / After 3 successful seasons of helping people see the reality behind their relationships - a show that redefined the relationships space on the small screen is back, not with a new season but with a twist!

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‘Atyachaar Ka Punchnama’ a brand new show, will feature Big Switch 3 finalist, Sushant Divgikar as the host. This show will see Shushant take the audience through the stories that unfolded in the past episodes of Emotional Atyachaar.

Commenting on being a host of the show, Sushant says, “I will take the audience through the previous cases of Emotional Atyachaar, presenting an interesting analysis on them as the host of Atyachaar Ka Punchanama. I have always been a fan of the iconic show Emotional Atyachaar, so when I got a chance to be a part of it in a format that presents it with a twist, I thought this was totally my style and grabbed the opportunity. I really enjoyed being on bindass® as a contestant on Big Switch 3 and now to get an opportunity on the channel to host a show is a dream come true”.

Humorous, sarcastic, witty, amusing and not always politically correct, Sushant’s comments and analysis in on Emotional Atyachaar’s participants and their stories, ‘Atyachaar Ka Punchnama’ will give the viewers an entertaining take on what happened when lovers came to know of their cheating partners! What they will also see is Sushant giving his wacky opinions, love advice and unheard tips on new age dating in his signature style. The heart-breaks and the drama are all back with an added fultoo masaledar tadka with Atyachaar Ka Punchnama’ only on bindass®

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