Rachel Ernest Confronts Acrophobia on Bindass Fearless

Mumbai (Washington Bangla Radio / Free-Press-Release.com) Watching the world from a bird-eye’s view is always fascinating, but not for those who dread altitudes, or in simple words, for those who suffer from Acrophobia! This week on FEAR LESS, Rachel Ernest, battles her way through her fear, that has prevented her from even having a cup of coffee in her balcony.

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FEAR LESS takes you through the journey of this 20 year old, along with her friends, to overcome this debilitating fear. She faces the scariest dreams of her life from being hanged in mid-air to sitting on a crane’s arm that is exposed at a height of 1000feet.

How far is Rachel willing to go to lead a life sans her fears? Will she be able to shed them and lead a fear less life? Watch Rachel unravel the journey of being a scared college student to attempting to free herself from her daunting fear!

Fear is about to be history as facing your darkest fears is not a big deal when you have your friends and bindass® Fear Less to motivate and encourage you at every step.

Fear Less airs on bindass®.

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