Rimita Mukherjee Launches New "Monochord: Songs from the Soul" Album in Kolkata

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Rimita Mukherjee and Joy Sarkar

Rimita Mukherjee and Joy SarkarKolkata, September 1, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Noted Indian singer Rimita Mukherjee launched her first Hindi album "Monochord: Songs from the Soul" in Kolkata on September 1, 2012, a welcome step breaking the usual protocol of choosing Mumbai as the venue for releases of Hindi music albums.

The album, an aural treat to music lovers across the globe, consists of eight beautiful songs all of which have been sung very naturally by Rimita. The album can also boast of greats lyrical works. Credit for the lyrics of five songs goes to Manu Gautam while Aezim Malik penned two of the songs. The remaining song from the album is dedicated to Lord Krishna’s flute act and has traditional lyric.

Rimita’s album is a clear reflection of the hard work and dedicated training she went through under the likes of Jatileshwar Mukherjee, Kalyanji and Nida Fazli. Her previous Bengali albums like “Rang”, “Gaan on the Rocks” and “Horizon” were greatly appreciated. With her new Hindi album she is all set to repeat the feat again.

Rimita Mukherjee's "Monochord: Songs from the Soul" is also the first album of Mint Music. The launch at a city studio was graced by a number of stalwarts from the music industry, including musician Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, composer Joy Sarkar, tabla maestro Mallar Ghosh and others. Jimmy, the Kolkata station head of Red FM which is the radio partner of the album was also present.

Rimita admitted her surprise on the arrival of Mallar Ghosh to whom she was introduced just two days back and had asked him to attend the music launch.

Mallar Ghosh said on the occasion, “Lyrics and rhythm is the identification of all artist and we artists do not need any other factor for bonding. I am glad to be present at this occasion. The name of the album is a nice one and so is the voice of Rimita.” He said that he is reminded of the words of Ustad Ali Akhbar Khan, “I sing when my soul and mind feels the thirst for the music.” “Rimita’s songs will be able to quench the thirst of music of everyone”, Ghosh added.

Renowned composer Joy Sarkar congratulated Rimita for launching a Hindi album from Kolkata. Joy said, “She is a very good friend of mine. The best thing I like about this album launch is that it is being launched from Kolkata. She has shown that Hindi based work does not belong to Mumbai only. From the album I particularly liked the song Saanwarariya. It is just awesome.”

Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee spoke almost in the same voice of Joy Sarkar. “If Hindi films like Kahaani, Raavan etc can be shot in the city and achieve success then why cannot a Hindi album? I would like to see Rimita doing more work in Kolkata and she also should soon come out with another Hindi album from this city.” Sujoy said.

Soon after the launching ceremony Rimita wrapped everyone present into a musical aura as she sang out some of the numbers from the album. She performed songs like Saanwariya, Man Nagri and Kisko Kahe Apnaa from the album. The audience was presented with a double treat when Joy Sarkar joined Rimita with his guitar churning out music the way only he can do.

Later Rimita said, “Joy’s composition has always been an inspiration for me. It enhances my desire to become a better singer.” She also joked that she and Joy are going to collaborate on a very bad project soon.

Rimita lives in Mumbai since 1995 and has worked with some of the biggest names in Bollywood. She was chosen by Rajesh Roshan for the Hrithik Roshan - Saif Ali Khan Bollywood blockbuster ‘Na Tum Jano Na Hum’. Inspite of achieving considerable fame in Mumbai, Rimita regards Kolkata to be much closer to her heart - one of the reasons she launched the album from Kolkata.

Rimita told Washington Bangla Radio, “One is likely to face attitude problems in Mumbai. It is may be due to the fact that Mumbai is not the hometown for most of the people - everyone considers Mumbai as workplace only. Perhaps some sort of insecurity makes them resort to that kind of attitude and they take it as their survival strategy. I can mingle more comfortably in Kolkata.” When asked if she would prefer to lend her voice as a playback singer again or rather concentrate on albums, she put it just as excellently as her songs,‘I belong to the music industry and am open to any work involving good music.” Rimita also shared with WBRi one of her future plans. “We are soon going to launch Project Freedom. This is something that will happen in a freestyle mode as there will not be any joint rehearsal and every unit will try to coordinate in an unconventional way, purely based on the sense of timing.”

Whatever it is, it is going to be is quite challenging. But Rimita is confident of striking a chord with all her upcoming projects just as she did with her latest album ‘Monochord.. Songs from the Soul’.

Pictures: Sourav Dutta

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