Durga Puja Special Bengali Food Recipe: Narkel Mocha

Narikel Mocha
Ingredients :
Banana Bud: 1 (ripe and encasing sweet tasting flowers)
coconut milk: 1 cup
oil: 1/2 cup
Poppy seeds: 1/2 teaspoon grounded and pasted
cumin powder: 1-1/2 teaspoon
salt: to taste
green pepper: 4
onion: 1 cup(chopped)
Panch phoron: 1 teaspoon
coriander seeds: 1 teaspoon grounded and pasted
bay leaf: 1
turmeric: according to your choice

Preparation :
Free all flowers from the bud. Chop them well after picking out the sticks and transparent petals from them. Boil them in a pan with turmeric and drain out the water. Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan. First fry onion until it turns brown. Set aside the fried onion. Pour in green pepper, poppy-seed paste, part of coconut milk and panch phoron. Fry them dry with all spices. Add the picked and chopped and boiled banana flowers. Stir them thoroughly. Add salt to it. Pour in the rest of the coconut milk. Cover the pan. Cook it over low heat for 10 minutes. Sprinkle onions before taking it off the oven. Serve hot.

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