Rumana's "Kichu Katha" and Mita Chakrabarty's "Gaan Aar Aami" Bengali Songs Albums Released in Kolkata

By Aditya Chakraborty

Rumana Kichu Katha jointly Mita Chakrabarty Gan Aar Ami Bengali Songs Album

Rumana Kichu Katha jointly Mita Chakrabarty Gan Aar Ami Bengali Audio Songs

Calcutta, Sep 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Rumana released her album "Kichu Kotha" jointly with singer Mita Chakrabarty who released "Gan Ar Ami" at the Press Club on Tuesday.

Rumana has trained under several gurus including her father Kajal Dutta, Pandit Amiya Ranjan Bandopadhyay (Classical) and noted composer Abhijit Bandopadhyay (Adhunik). Currently she is being trained under Acharya Jayanta Bose. This is her second album; her first album was called ‘Ei Mon’.

Mita Chakrabarty who started her singing lessons at Gitabitan continued her tutelage under noted composer Abhijit Bandopadhyay, noted singer Nirmala Mishra and currently she is being trained under Suprakash Chaki.

Some of the songs from Rumana's album are 'Kichu Katha', 'Hoyto Somoy', 'Jhiri Jhiri', 'Durer Batash' and others while Mita 's album features songs like 'Ekla Sabar Majhe', 'Sedino Brishti' and others including two Rabindrasangeet numbers 'Promode Dhaliya Dinu' and 'E Monihar'.

The music for both these albums have been composed by Soumya Bose (though for Rumana’s album, Goutam Ghoshal has also composed two songs) and Kingshuk Chatterjee is the lyricist for both these albums (For Mita’s album , one song has been penned by Subhabrata Adhikari and two by Rabindranath Tagore since there are a couple of Rabindrasangeets as well.)

While Rumana‘s album is an ‘Adhunik’ album, Mita Chakrabarty’s album titled ‘Gaan Aar Aami’ comprises of both Rabindrasangeet and Adhunik numbers.

The albums were launched in the presence of eminent singer Srikanta Acharya under the label of Cozmik Harmony.

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