ArtPrize (Event)


ArtPrize is an open competition of art. Anyone can take part, host or even judge the heavenly creations. This time it is Grand Rapids in Michigan that is hosting the ArtPrize and we were lucky to be present in the Meijer garden venue to have a glimpse at the wonderful displays. This exclusive art competition is not held for the sake of competition but with an intention to have a strong bond between artists and common people so far as ideas and creativity are concerned.
While going through the exhibition we came across some interesting facts about this competition. There is no limit to the number of artists but each of them can submit only one entry. The top ten would receive prizes worth $474,000 out of which $250,000 is for the first prize. The entire city of Grand Rapids in the venue but the venue would choose the artist and his/her creation. The winner is decided by public vote and anyone can vote. It is advisable to register online for voting so that one can save time at the venue. The exhibition has started from September 21, 2011 and will continue till October 9, 2011.
The exhibits were placed around the various locations of the park, namely the Grand Atrium, the Holton gallery, the Balk Gallery and even the Hoffman family auditorium.
There are about 25 pieces of ‘Art’ all around the venue and it is difficult to judge who the best was. There was one thing a bit confusing at the venue; photography was prohibited but no where it was clearly or visibly displayed. I had almost taken a couple of photos of the ones that I thought was just majestic when I noticed a small board at one corner that said NO to a camera, pets and outside food.
Out of all the displays, I thought the cradle nest was very beautiful. Sculpted by Mimi Peterson it was made of wood, plastic, wire, glass and metal. According to the artist, her creation reflects the ‘idea of Nature’s perfection dimensions versus Man’s imperfect decisions.
‘Sleepwalking Around the Peach Garden’ by Jae Won Lee can take anyone to a sort of mystic ambience of a dream world. It is unique and it is serene and interestingly is made out of recycled paper, threads and tapes. The art is based on a peach garden from an ancient Korean painting that suggests a dream and truly, the entire artwork looks like a dream sequence.

(Sleepwalking Around the Peach Garden) 

Margarita Cabrera’s  ‘The space in between’ reminded me of a cactus made out of fabric that is normally used for army uniforms, copper wire, thread and a terracotta pot. Her art deals with socio political issues between the US and Mexico.


(The Space in Between)

The last one that I thought was just majestic was a Persian Rug. It was labeled as untitled but it was magnificent. An entire carpet made out of cut sheet steel. Even though that artwork is meant to explore beauty and the role of women, it just looks too good and I hope the artist Mary  Brogger wins the first prize. 


(Persian Rug)