The Six Scenes That Set MAUSAM (2011) Bollywood Film Apart: Hindi Movie Review


MAUSAM (2011)


Though "MAUSAM" is one of the most well made romantic sagas I've ever come across in a long time, I will first jot down 6 best scenes of this film that helps MAUSAM stand apart from the so-called love stories from the stable of Bollywood which are in fact are so unrealistic!

Mausam (Hindi, 2011) Trailer

Scene 1: Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) and Harinder (Shahid Kapoor) introduces themselves for the first time to each

             other. Aayat applying mehndi on Harinder's sister's palm while she has dozed off.

             It's late at night in Mallukot, Punjab and Harinder communicates with Aayat through notes scribbled on

             notes of paper and Aayat replies to them instantly writing with 'mehndi'.

            Aayat also drowns Harry's notes in a glass of water one by one, and then there's a close shot of the

            glass with Harry's notes; the ink from the paper slowly swirls in the water like smoke in still air.

Scene 2: Aayat tries to contact Harry in Punjab over the phone from abroad. Now, many years have passed.

              There is no one in Harry's residence now. The phone rings hollowly in an empty house, as the camera

              slowly pans the room, showing glimpse of Harry's cycle standing in the shadows and many old photo-

              graphs adorning the wall. One of them is of Harry's father, and a garland encircles the frame as he is no

              no more. Pankaj Kapur decides to bring the demise of this character in the script in a 'subtle' way!

Scene 3: In search of Aayat, Harry comes for the final time in Scotland, and after his search for her fails, while

              wandering the city of Edinburgh, Harry comes to the Royal Academy of Dance.

              Now the location stands stripped of it's floral beauty and grandeur that we witnessed when this venue

              for the first time. In fact Harry had followed Aayat to the Academy and is mesmerized when he 

              watches Aayat practice ballet. The floral milieu was created to depict the condition of Harry's happy

              heart back then. But things change with time.

              When Harry comes for the second time to reminiscence at the Dance Academy, he has lost Aayat

              once again, and probably this time - for ever! The stark courtyard of the Academy stands devoid of all

              decorations and things that depict happiness. It's cold and hard!

Scene 4: The scene where Harry receives his sister's fiancee from the railway station all the while watching Aayat

              silently across as she has come to see off her father (Kamal Nain Chopra) on the same platform.

Scene 5: The night when Harry and Aayat were coming back from the ballroom in a horse-drawn carriage.

Scene 6: The scene where Aayat's whole family is waiting for Harry to join them in dinner. And the clock

              ticks away. Late at night there's a telephone call... Aayat's not answering the phone, hence her father's

              friend played by Anupam Kher picks up the incoming call, puts the receiver to his ear and soon it's



The storyline:

Mausam, a love story in its first season start with mere adolescent attraction between a Punjabi boy Harry, and a Kashmiri muslim girl Aayat, in the  small village of Mallukot, Punjab.

It develops into young love between them a little later. Their love realizes its own depth in the hours of separation through the next hour. In the final chapter their love culminates into togetherness. But not before sacrificing a lot personally and learning the truth behind universal love.

Mausam (2011) is a passionate love story which sees at the various shades of life, questioning us sometimes and yet not becoming indulgent.

Mausam (2011) happens to be one the most well-made and utterly romantic movies that I've come across in the last 48 years of my life. Many will not agree as this film lacks on many points:

1. Over-dramatic Script

2. Unwanted glossy Song and Dance situations

3. Action Sequences

4. Mega stars who are to big for their boots

5. Unrealistic script

6. Sleazy scenes and double-meaning dialogues.

I will forever remember Samir Chanda the Art Director of this film, who's not with us anymore. He meticulously adorned this film "Mausam" creating Punjab's sweet-shops, lanes and especially the Mallukot Railway Station.


MAUSAM (2011) is probably cinematographer Binod Pradhan's best work after KHAMOSH (1985), PARINDA (1989) and DELHI 6 (2009).

Sonam Kapoor as "Aayat" is more than perfect and so is Shahid Kapoor as "Harinder a.k.a. Harry"!

Among other characters Supriya Pathak's "Bua", Aditi Sahrma as "Rajjo" and Manoj Pahwah's "Gulzari" simply cannot be forgotten.

Critics who are blurting that MAUSAM is a slow film, and has no heart-warming moments are simply trying to nail this flick or are plain dumb, insensitive people.

I hope MAUSAM bags all the major film awards in the coming year in mostly all categories.

Kudos to Director Pankaj Kapur and long live his first film.             

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